Repair or Replace?


Do I need to repair or replace?

Most of us like to save money (and time). And with the cost of living creeping up, we need to find ways to keep up with our home projects while watching the pennies. The good thing is that many jobs in our homes don’t need to be costly replacements and if we tackle smaller jobs, rather than putting them off, we can often keep costs down.

But which jobs could be a quick repair and where are you better saving up and waiting to do a full-blown replacement?

Ultimately it comes down to the amount of money you want to invest in your home and the quality of the finish you’re looking for. It may also depend on whether you own or rent your home as you might not want to invest heavily in a property when you won’t see the financial reward.

Where do you start?

We’ve become a throwaway society, ready to replace things as soon as they go wrong. But in the last few years, we’re more aware of the environmental impact of throwing everything in the tip and the benefits of repairing and upcycling.

The place to start is with an expert tradesperson. Your local plasterer will be able to tell you if that crack on the lounge wall can be patched or if you have a serious problem. Spotted a loose roof tile? Find a roofing expert and they’ll explain if it’s a quick repair or a symptom of a bigger roofing issue.


Boilers and heating systems

Most boilers and heating systems can be easily repaired. But there does come a point when it’s more cost-efficient to replace the boiler or heating system, especially when you can’t source parts anymore. The older the system gets the less efficient it becomes, while also becoming more expensive to fix.


New hinge or new kitchen?

If your cupboards are dated and a couple of doors are hanging off then a lick of paint and new hinges could do the trick. You can even replace just the work surfaces and floors to give your kitchen a whole new look. But if handles keep dropping off and tiles are cracked then it’s probably time to throw in the (kitchen) towel and go for a replacement.



Fencing is one job you should never leave. As soon as your fence panels start to crack or loosen, you need to get a tradesperson in to repair or replace them. If you leave them, they’ll tend to fall apart in the rain and wind and can even fly about causing damage to your home. Fence specialists also tend to be extra busy in the autumn and winter period so it’s a good idea to book them in now.



This is another ‘don't leave it until it’s too late’ job. We don’t take a lot of notice of our roofs until we have a serious problem or leak inside the house. But keeping your house dry is simple. Twice a year do a visual inspection of your roof. Look out for loose tiles, and any gaps or damage. If you can, check your internal roof space and watch out for wet patches on your walls. As soon as you spot any issues call in a roofing expert for some advice. Small repairs can help prevent a costly new roof.


Make it feel new

The simplest changes in our homes can make it feel like a whole new space. Start by thinking about what you want the room's main function to be - does it need to be a social space? Then you could start with a deep clean and a fresh coat of paint. Or maybe you’re desperate for a home office - interior designers can help you work through how to reinvent or renovate a room. Even getting those odd jobs sorted can give your home a new lease of life.

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