Let yourself relax by fixing these problems


Every home has those little jobs you try to forget - even though you see them every day. Peeling paint. Grimy grout. Rattling roof tiles. And the rest…

But what if you had crisp paintwork, fresh new tiling and a rock-solid roof? Just imagine how much more satisfying that would feel…

So if you’re thinking about getting a bit of expert help to put things right, we’ve looked at common causes of homeowner annoyance - and who’s best placed to put them right.



Lots of us decorate our homes when we first move into them, and then don’t think about it again until years later. But it’s not just our rooms that change over time, as our walls fade or suffer damage. Fashion changes, and so does our own sense of style.

So, if you have a room that feels dated, don’t keep living with it, find a painter and decorator who can bring it back to life.


Whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, or part of your floor, tiling is a practical and hard wearing material. However, if a tile cracks for any reason, the only thing you can do is replace it - a job that lots of us might put off.

But you don’t have to put up with cracked tiling - a great tiler can replace damaged tiles or totally change up the whole design easily.


It’s easy for carpets to become worn and faded, especially in places where they get a lot of use, like on stairs and in hallways.

Thankfully, replacing a carpet is a quick job for an experienced carpet fitter, and will instantly make a room feel like new.


Wood floors

Every home with wooden floorboards seems to have at least one tricky board that creaks all the time, or is raised just enough to make people trip.

Don’t get used to it - get it fixed, and find a flooring fitter who can tame your unruly floors.


A lot of people who spot damp patches try to put off dealing with it, worried that the problem might be large and expensive to fix.

But the quicker you address it, the simpler it is to sort out - and the cause of the problem might be smaller than you think. Find a damp expert to check out your issue before it grows.


Cracks are another issue which can make us worry, but you’ll sleep easier once the issue is sorted.

Most cracks are the results of plaster drying and homes naturally shifting, but it’s good to have it checked by an expert so you can put your mind at rest.



As long as water isn’t pouring down the walls, it’s easy not to think about the roof, but since it’s hard to know if something is wrong with it, it can be a problem that builds up over time.

Don’t let it get to you - a roofer can check out any issues and get things sorted quickly, so you don’t have to worry anymore.


Many of us are used to living in open-plan spaces, where our kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms all merge into one. It can be nice and social, but also makes it hard to have privacy or let people do different things at the same time.

Partition walls can fix this and make spaces more versatile - so find a builder who can help you get new use out of your home.


If you spot water or fogged up glass in between the layers of your double glazing, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong, but it’s an issue that doesn’t feel like it needs to be fixed straight away.

Think how satisfying it would be to know that your windows are all up to scratch though, and find a window fitter who can make that come true for you today.

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