Jobs to book and beat the September rush


Perhaps it’s children heading back to school, perhaps it’s creeping in of crisper weather, but for a lot of people, September always feels like the beginning of something new.

It’s certainly the case when it comes to people’s homes. Every September sees a surge of people rushing to book big home improvement projects as they look to get something finished before winter sets it, or even just booking it for the coming year.

If you harbour grand ambitions for your property then you can steal a move on other would-be home improvers by taking action this summer. And if you need any more inspiration, look no further…

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Home extensions come in all shapes and sizes, from simple single-storey rooms to complex multi-storey additions that totally transform your home’s layout and how you use the space.

The style is also completely up to you, from traditional brickwork and wooden windows that merge seamlessly with a period property, to stylish modernist designs created from glass and steel.

Material prices for all building projects are high at the moment, but with property prices also hitting record highs, if you’re committed to staying in your home an extension can still present a long-term investment, as well as transforming your everyday experience of your home.

Creating an extension starts with finding a building firm that can help you draw up plans or an architect or architectural technician who can create drawings that a builder can work from.

Many extensions can be built without the need for planning permission, under permitted development rights, depending on the size and style of the build.

However, it is always worth checking with the planning department of your local authority before work begins to ensure you’re not in breach of any regulations.


Loft conversion

When space in your home is at a premium but you can’t, or don’t want to take away from your garden, then sometimes the answer is hovering right over your head.

Loft conversions are a popular way of adding some much needed living space, taking a typically underused part of the home that might be useful for nothing except storage, and turning it into much-needed extra rooms - be it bedrooms, playrooms, an office or studio space.

As with extensions, material price rises have made loft extensions more expensive than in recent years, however, they remain popular for families looking to increase their space.

Options for loft conversions include adding dormers to give additional space, or, depending on your home, hip to gable conversions that change the shape of your roof to free up as much room as possible.

One key thing to bear in mind when talking with your loft conversion specialist is where to place the stairs that lead up - these can take a chunk of space out of your existing floor plan, so it’s important to come up with a design that works for your home.



After a summer of entertaining, you might have come to realise that your kitchen just isn’t up to the job anymore - too small to be practical, or too old to be trustworthy.

If your kitchen units are starting to show their age or you’re sick of trying to squeeze past people as you navigate between the sink and the stove, then a new kitchen could be on the cards.

Updating your kitchen can be as easy as repainting your cupboard doors and treating yourself to some new appliances, but you can also undertake a bigger renovation, stripping everything down and remodelling the room to make it work for you - a new layout, new units, new worktops, new tiles.

Kitchen fitters can ensure you’re getting the best kitchen possible from start to finish.



If there’s one room in your home which most has to combine luxury and practicality, it’s your bathroom, but given their usage, it’s easy for them to become tired and worn out.

You can put it right with a new bathroom, with fresh tiles, a new suite, and even some added extras like underfloor heating or heated towel rails to really complete the transformation.

As with kitchens, bathroom showrooms will give you a huge range of styles and options to match your taste and budget, no matter how outrageous or conservative, but an experienced bathroom fitter will be best placed to install your bathroom and ensure it’s perfect from the first pipe to the final toilet roll holder.

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