How to keep your home nice and cosy

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Cosiness is an underrated virtue. Sure, we might want our homes to be stylish, to be spacious, to be great for hosting parties, but at the end of the day, cosiness is what really counts.

Being able to snuggle up with a good book and not worry about draughts, drips or your drains is true luxury, and that’s why there’s no shame in looking for ways to keep your home cosy.


Central heating

When it comes to keeping things nice and toasty, it all starts with your heating.

For most homes with traditional central heating, that will mean your boiler and your radiators.

Both need to be maintained to make sure they’re in good working order and aren’t liable to fail you just when the temperature outside plummets and you’ve got guests coming to stay for Christmas.

Getting your boiler serviced annually is a good idea, one that can keep it in warranty and ensure it gives you years of good service. At this time of year, lots of heating engineers are getting busy with emergency jobs for people who haven’t kept on top of things, so book ahead to make sure yours gets seen.

Heating engineers can also check out your radiators to make sure there are no air bubbles or blockages causing cold spots or leaks.



When humans first started building shelters millennia ago, the whole point was to keep the outside elements just there - outside.

The problem is, they refuse to play ball, and no matter how sophisticated our homes have become in the centuries since, no one has quite managed to come up with a totally hermetically sealed home (probably for the best, since we need to breathe - but still, there have to be limits).

Draughts can come from all quarters. Through broken window panes. Through old door frames. Through your floorboards or skirting boards, thanks to your airbricks that are designed to allow ventilation (which is something of a double-edged sword).

Sometimes, you need to go low-tech to defeat them - an old pair of tights filled with unwanted clothes makes a perfect draught excluder - but sometimes a tradesperson can help out, sealing loose skirting, or fixing or replacing damaged windows and doors.



At this time of year, you wouldn’t venture outside without a nice warm jacket on, and your home deserves the same kind of treatment.

Of course, it’s good for the environment - and for your rising energy bills - to keep the heating as low as possible and insulate yourself with a thick jumper, but your home stands to benefit from good insulation, as it keeps warmth inside and makes the building more energy efficient.

Lagging the loft is an easy win if it’s not already done, while cavity wall insulation is another fairly straightforward job that can pay dividends - and a specialist insulation installer will know what will work best for your home.



Wood floors have been in fashion for a long time now, giving a versatile look that can be both rustic and inviting, yet also modern and stripped back.

But we’re interested in cosiness, not cosmetics, which is why carpets are where it’s at (and what’s more, they can be just as stylish as wood floors anyway).

Imagine the feeling of a nice thick pile under your bare feet - it’s cosiness at its best, and what’s more a carpet and its underlay are a good method of insulating your floor as well. Find a great carpet fitter who can add some instant comfort to your home.



Cosiness isn’t just dictated by physical warmth. It’s more than that. It’s a mood, it’s a mindset… it’s a vibe.

Ambiance is just as important to cosiness as a thoroughly inspected combi-boiler, which is why lighting can make such a big difference to your winter warmth.

Having a big ceiling light on? Not always very cosy. Downlights and clever placement of lamps? Much cosier. Why does that work? Who can say - but it’s undeniable.

If you want some spotlights installed to add some permanent atmosphere to your home, or need extra sockets for your extensive lamp collection, an electrician is the person to find.

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