Essential summer garden jobs


Summer’s the season to really enjoy your garden - especially when the sun’s out and your plants and flowers are thriving.

But there are some important maintenance jobs you shouldn’t skip - from looking after plants during the heat to getting things ready for next year. Here’s the garden jobs that should be on your radar right now.

Make your (flower) bed

At this time of year, your flowers are crying out for two things: water and space.

We all know plants and flowers need water during hot weather. While a quick damp-down with a watering can or hose pipe can do the job, more and more people are installing smart watering systems. These clever systems can drip feed water to your beds, which uses much less water than spraying them. It’s a low-hassle way to guarantee your plants get their much-needed drink every evening.

The other thing they need is space - which means regular weeding and clearing out flowers that are past their best. Not only do your beds and borders look better, you give your plants the space they need to thrive.

Tidy up your patio

Sun and weather can take their toll on hard surfaces. So next time you’re sitting in the sunshine, spare a thought for your long-suffering patio.

Sometimes all it needs is a quick wash down. Careful with that pressure washer though - too much power can literally blast your patio apart. So it might be a better choice to brush it down with a specialist cleaning product or - if it’s a bit more baked-on - use a patio-specific cleaning attachment for a power washer.

But if you notice cracked slabs, broken pointing or wobbly stones, don’t ignore them. You’ll want to get them fixed before the winter weather sets in and makes things worse..

Grow your own

Whether it’s freshly picked tomatoes, the newest of new potatoes or crisp fresh salad leaves, growing your own veg is so satisfying.

While it’s a bit late in the year to plant a full kitchen garden, it’s the perfect time to make plans for next year. If you’re thinking about wooden planters or raised beds, you can get a carpenter to build them now, ready to go when planting season comes around.

That said, there are still a few options you’ll be able to grow in a few weeks time and which work well in pots or planters. So if you haven’t tried them yet, why not experiment with some quick-maturing salad leaves like summer lettuce, radish, rocket, sorrel, chicory and fennel?

Plan for a dry summer

With summers getting warmer and drier, does your garden need a helping hand?

We’re seeing more and more people making the most of their rainwater - and water butts are a great start. It’s a simple job for a handyman if you’ve got a downpipe taking water from your gutters into a grid - it just needs a diverter in the middle of the pipe. Then you can catch water from summer downpours to help your garden thrive - even during a hosepipe ban.

Another popular choice is planting drought-resistant plants. These hardier species can still thrive during even the driest summers because they’re adapted to a drier climate.

So however you’re planning to use your garden this year, don’t neglect that all-important summer maintenance. And if you want a bit of help making it happen, why not post a job for our experts in your area?

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