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Removing a socket, how do i make the wires safe?

There is an electric socket above the cooker in a flat I have just bought, I have been told it doesn't meet regulations.
I can remove the box ok and there is a hole in the wall where the wires can be put and then tiled over.
But how do I make the wires safe?
Is taping them up a good enough solution?

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Taping wires is not recommended as the adhesive on the tape can become dry over time and fall off the wires which could expose live cables. Terminating the supply with adequate connector blocks would be suffice, however isolating the supply to the cable at its origin would be the safest option by far. If in doubt consult a competent Electrician.


Answered 18th Dec 2012

No just taping up live wires and tiling over then is not compliant with BS7671:2008, and by carrying out this minor alteration yourself you would be in breach of the building regulations and could be fined up to £5000.

Far better to pay £30 and get an electrician in to disconnect the circuit from the fusebox and make it completely dead/safe and get a certificate for the work.


Answered 20th Dec 2012

both above are right better using qualified electrician


Answered 25th Dec 2015

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