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Should i use gloss or satinwood for skirting, and doors?


i have just found out gloss discolours quickly. we are painting the whole house white and doing it ourselves. i wanted to ask what is the best paint to use for our doors, skirting, etc (wood). some of the wood in the house has already got gloss on it. some of it is bare wood.

i wanted to know what is the other paint you can use instead of gloss and if we use another paint do we need to take the gloss off that we already have on the wood.

i think we would rather go with the other instead of the gloss but what to go with satin or eggshell or is there something else.

i feel confused at the moment as i need to know wether to start stripping the gloss or not.

if i use this other paint on the wood what do i prime it with is priming it with normal emulation ok or do i need something else.

thanks in advance

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Oil based gloss does discolour and go yellow over time as the oil content comes to the surface causing the discolouration.

In future do not use oil based paints. Use water based gloss, eggshell and satin instead. These water based paints are getting better as the years go by since they were first introduced to the market.

I'm going to share one of my top trade secrets...when I'm applying water based gloss, eggshell etc on to existing oil based paint, I do not want to spend hours excessively rubbing down in order to provide an excellent bond between the 2 types of paint that would not otherwise adhere well to each other.

So instead I use a special water based paint that 'etches' itself onto almost any surface, so it keys itself onto the gloss!...then you paint your new water based paint system on top of the special water based etching paint.

If you are doing spindles for example, you wouldn't believe how much time this saves.

This is the paint: Zinsser 123 plus (yep, silly name!)

You can generally only buy it from decorating trade shops such as Leyland and Brewers, or order it online.

It's not the cheapest paint on the market, but I know from get what you pay for!

All the paints and products I use are the most expensive on the market but my workmanship lasts and I save huge amounts of labour time when on a job by using the tools, paints and products.

Follow my trade top tips and you'll too achieve results you wouldn't otherwise be able to!!!

Happy painting


Answered 19th Apr 2017

Hi Saffy_63
Its true that gloss discolours quick, my advise is that you use satin as it will maintain white for longer and its classy. Now for your already glossy wood you have to sand it down slightly with sand paper and apply a coat or two of undercoat and then you can finally apply satin, for the bare wood make sure its noted so it don't bleed through in the future and then you apply a coat of acrylic primer not emulsion hehe then undercoat one or two coats as needed then finally again satin..

I hope i have answered all of your questions

Kind Regards

F Hoti


Answered 1st Dec 2012

when you are painting on to bare wood you first need to treat any knotts with knotting soluction. then use a wood primer,undercoat and top coat of what ever you use,
if you use satin on top of the gloss just give the gloss a light sand down first you dont need a undercoat with satin as its self priming,
if you use gloss then use a undercoat first this will stop it from dis colouring.


Answered 1st Dec 2012

use water based gloss or satin it never yellows because there is no oil in it.


Answered 1st Dec 2012

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