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How can i stop rainwater leak from chimney ?

I have a rainwater leak from a chimney stack that drips inside a blocked off fireplace, it has caused damage to the wall paper inside the blocked off fireplace, and black mould has developed. I have put a breathable cap on the chimney pot and just recently had the chimney stack re-flaunched as the chimney pots were loose and we thought rainwater was entering through the cracks. I am still hearing the drip when it rains and not sure what to try next. Any advice please.

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Is there a DPC to the stack?

Is this condensation - have you got vents internally to the fireplace?

Is the mortar pointing around the stack in good order - this may need re-pointing/rendering.

Check the stepped flashings, front aprons and back gutters.

If not in use - it may be cheaper and a more permanent fix to remove as per MB's recommendations above.

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Answered 5th Nov 2012

hi ivan
sounds like one of them that just dont go away if you dont use the chimney anymore have it lowered below the roof line this will solve the problem


Answered 2nd Nov 2012

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