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What is causing cracking in plaster work around doorways and stairs, windows and ceiling

I have a new 3 bed home (build 2004). Builders initially said some cracking would occur as the property settles. I have over the years noticed cracks occuring on the plaster work just above the skirting on the stairs and around doorways and around windows and some ceilings. I have filled the cracks but noticed them reappearing. The house is on a incline. I have noticed a small hole under the foundatons of the property. Could it be subsidence. Which is the right propfessional to adequately assess the property?

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Hi Paul

Unfortunately this is very common in new build housing mass produced by the big house companies. It is the result of poor workmanship as on new build housing sites it is all rush rush get it done as cheap and as fast as you can. This results is door frames, window frames etc not being fitted correctly. allowing to much movement. Also the new building techniques used are simple not that good every thing is dry lined. This then expands and shrinks with atmospheric conditions causing cracks to appear along joints. In Regards to the hole with the foundations and worry of subsidence your best bet will be to contact a building surveyor who can take a look at this for your and advise appropriately. In my opinion if the cracks are all internal plaster work etc it is not subsidence it will be the cause of what I have mention above. If it were subsidence you would see cracks in the external masonry more than likely running down the sides of windows and doors and through the masonry between them. I hope this has helped answer you question.

Best Regards

Joe Munford
JM Building Services


Answered 8th May 2019

I agree with the previous posts, this happens a lot on new build,unfortunately there isnt a lot of pride taken on new build, one example a total of 22 mixed houses have just been completed near myself, all the doors are not shutting properly, ie bowed frames.
I pointed out the problem, but they sent out fitters to take of exisiting composite doors, change the door, locks, letter plates and numbers, fit the new door back into existing frame and found they are the same, and admitted the frames are out of square.
You shouldnt see any holes under your foundations, as they should be minimum of 1m deep.
As for the right person you should seek advice from a structural engineer if it is as bad as you say.


Answered 16th Apr 2011

it will be mostly caused by movement as is a natural cause
Hope this helps
Collin Bell


Answered 16th Apr 2011

Hi If it is a new build it should be covered by a 10 year guarantee contact NHBC or Zurich who ever underwrote the build, they will take it and resolve any major defect if any.


Answered 17th Apr 2011

Get it looked at sounds as though things are on the move .


Answered 24th Jan 2015

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