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Which plasterboard for bathroom ceiling ?

Which plasterboard is best to use on a bathroom Ceiling?
Should it be a moisture resistant/green board, hardibacker board or some other? What thickness? Should it be skimmed or just bathroom paint?

It's a small room 5x5 feet, with cracking plaster & lathe ceiling, so could the boards be fixed on top of it, or should I rip out the existing one and start anew?

Many thanks to one and all

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hi ..just put boards straight over the top of existing ceiling as long as your joist are not rotten ..saves on a lot of mess but make sure you use a good length screw and stagger the need to use a special plasterboard as long as you skim ceiling and put a couple of coats of good quality bathroom paint {moisture resistant}..i would also go for a 12mm thickness board as this is slightly more fire resistant ..all the best ..


Answered 12th Apr 2011

You could use MR board but to be honest with you,normal plasterboard will be just fine.
You could use either 9.5mm or 12.5mm but i would always recommend using the latter.
If your existing lath & plaster ceiling is pretty level then yes you can over board it using plenty of extra long drywall screws.
I usually find 60mm screws are ok boarding over lath & plaster with 12.5mm boards.

If your ceiling resembles a motocross track,then you can fix new battons onto the joists first then board onto new battons if you can afford to lose a bit of height.
Try to avoid taking down existing ceiling if you can as it will be very messy!

When you've got the ceiling up,scrim tape the joints up and skim finish it before decoration.

If you're not up to skimming it yourself,will be a quick and inexpensive job for a plasterer on MyBuilder to do it for you.

Hope this helps & good luck with everything.



e & c builders...........foil-backed plasterboard? LOL!
Do you actually know what a foil-backed (duplex) plaster board is & what it's designed to do?

One clue for you is in the product name........

Foil-BACKED. *shakes head*

Putting foil-BACKED plasterboard on your ceiling diytime will be a complete waste of time & totally pointless.

And if you do decide to use MR boards,you will have to leave them as they are because if you skim them,you will take away the whole point of them being moisture resistant.
And...........if you do skim them,they will need to be prepped with thistle bond-it or febond blue grit or similar product to provide a 'key' for the plaster as MR boards are impregnated with silicone and plaster doesn't really like silicone :(

Normal 12.5mm plasterboard with a skim finish is all you need.


Answered 13th Apr 2011

Hi a moisture 12.5mm resistant board is the right choice for your bathroom, get it plastered or taped by using fastset or for a better finish velvet, and once it has been sanded down a bathroom imulsion should be used.


Answered 12th Apr 2011

You wont to go into your local building store and ask for Moisture resistant board, , your best bet is to take down the old lathe cieling and reboard it + skim + paint for the best job.


Answered 12th Apr 2011

moisture resistant-green plaster board, skimm joints and pait with bathroom paint.Fix board on the top of existing ceiling ,it will save your time and you will have less mess in house.

Kind regards,


Answered 12th Apr 2011

U can use normal or moister board better to plaster and use 12.5 mm board
U can go straight over the top less mess


Answered 12th Apr 2011

take off loose plaster if lathe is solid reboard over the top you could rebaton first to existing beams for a stronger job if you have the head height you would be better off using 12mm foil back plasterboard.


Answered 12th Apr 2011

Hi, Just basic plasterboard,yes should be skim,and make sure you fix board with plaster side down which is grey side also scrim joints kind regards rigsby.


Answered 12th Apr 2011

No point in using foil backed just keep moisture in bathroom .
Paint Normal Emulsion
Bathroom Paint is mad stuff just like painting walls with a plastic film
Bathrooms need venting properly.
Go over existing with 12.5 boarding .
PVa scrim tape Use long screws through found joist timbers at staggered joint if poss.

Good Luck


Answered 24th Jan 2017

hi,if the ceiling is quite solid then i would just overboard it is very messy if you rip it down just make sure that you find the exsiting joist and make sure you have long enough screws to fix to them.i would usually use moisture resistant boards but you could use normal plasterboard as long as you skim it but i would always reccomend to skim all plasterboard first before decorating.i also only use 12.5mm plasterboard they are the best nice a solid if fixed properly.has for the paint i think you should be ok to use normal bathroom paint.


Answered 12th Apr 2011

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