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Have just viewed a house and noticed cracks around door frames,the loft access frame, between skirting boards and walls. is this normal for recently plastered houses?

I understand that the house was re-plastered / skimmmed walls and ceilings about 3 years ago.

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any cracks in new plaster normally appear within a few weeks caused by drying out too quick,in most cases once it comes to decorating stage these are filled after 1st coat and should not re-appear,so after 3 years well ,again without seeing these cracks we cannot tell you wether they are more serious than cosmetic,gaps in skirtings and around frames could just be bad workmanship as more and more people go for the cheaper option and this is what you get bodge jobs well worth the money NOT.My advice to you is if you are seriously interested get a full structural survey done ,this will tell you a lot more than we ever could,good luck


Answered 11th Mar 2012

sounds to me like general wood shrinkage which you get in brand new houses too. Nothing serious at all


Answered 12th Mar 2012

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