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Is it a legal requirement to have a room themostat fitted with a new boiler/heating system?

Last summer we had a complete refurb of a house we'd just bought. This included replacing the old boiler and we now have a combi boiler. It's a Vaillant ecoTEC 838402_06. The building work was very stressful and it wasn't until later (also, when we started to use the central heating) that we realised we don't have a room thermostat, and it's difficult to control the temperature - always too hot or cold. I have heard recently that it is a legal requirement for boilers to come with a thermostat, and I'm not clear whether mine meets the building regulations. The boiler has some kind of thermostat (well two -one for water and one for heating) on the digital diplay of the boiler itself but the temperature bears no relation to a room temperature, e.g. the central heating temp could be on 55 degrees even though we know the room temerature is less than 20 degrees.

I'd be grateful if someone could advise:
a) Was the fitter supposed to include a room thermostat (if so can you explain precisely where I can locate this legal information so I can tell the builder with confidence?)
b) Does my boiler meet the building regulations, but does not have a room thermostat (in which case presumably I need to pay someone to install one even though the boiler installer should have asked if I wanted one, I mean who has a boiler system without a thermostat these days?) Would this be a gas person, plumber or eletrician who should install a separate thermostat? Do they need any special certification?
or c) Do I already have a room thermostat on my boiler, which obviously isn't working properly?

In addition, am I right in thinking that we should have received a gas certificate for the boiler installation? (is that a legal requirement too?)

Many thanks for your advice!

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All new heating installations must be fitted with a room thermostat to meet with building regulations. If your property is over 150 m2 it is recommended the system be split into zones and have thermostats for each zone ( i.e. upstairs zone 1, downstairs zone 2 ). Upon completion of your new gas installation the appliance needs to be registered with Gassafe, if not the installer is liable to a fine of upto £5k per non-notification.
Upon registration you will recieve a building notification through the post stating the appliance installed and the installers name and registration number.


Answered 5th Mar 2012

No room stat on the boiler,should have one fitted to meet building regs.Its part of the boiler interlock


Answered 5th Mar 2012

this is covered under building regs and it is a requirment


Answered 20th Jun 2012

You need to have a room stat fitted for building regulations and also for energy efficiency.
The benchmark book with the boiler should have been filled out and the boiler registered and you would have have a letter saying that the boiler has been fitted by an approved installer.
We are allowed to self certify our work.


Answered 1st Mar 2020

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