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I have cental heating in my house and i want a gas fire, i have no chimney or ventilation so i have been told i need a flueless gas fire how do i get a flue fitted

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you need to get in touch with a local gas safe registered engineer


Answered 6th Feb 2012

You can have a double walled flue liner up through the lounge,for a gas or solid fuel burner,or stick the gas fire on outside wall flue through wall, or have a flue less gas fire. This will require a wall vent 100cm2' to provide air for the fire's products into the room. not what i would advise as the draft's come in. rubbish! either way, it sounds like you need a gas safe engineer to advise! Heatas engineer for solid fuel woodburners.



Answered 6th Feb 2012

Don’t get a flueless gas fire they are dangerous and depending on the size of the room you may need to install a 100 mm vent these appliances I would never recommend as a gas engineer cheers Paul


Answered 15th Aug 2019

Don’t flueless fires are not very good



Answered 5th Feb 2021

I don't recommend flueless gas fires because A. you need a 100cm2 free area, non-closeable air vent straight to outside air from the room the fire is in (imagine that in -5C temperatures or when blowing a gale)? Defeats the purpose of the fire, B. they have always concerned me and most of the Gas Engineers I have trained with or work with as it just goes against our gas engineer instincts as to what's safe and what's not. Cookers and hobs have no flues but remember they don't burn onto fake coals and soot up. Fires are not the like hobs and cookers. Also, because of the draught, many people inevitably cover the air vent(doing this is dangerous and illegal). Anything goes seriously wrong with that fire then all the fumes stay in the room.


Answered 31st May 2021

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