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We have just bought a bungalow,we want to knock 3 walls down to open up the main bedroom and box room which we then want to turn into our lounge,

who do we need to draw up the plans for the builders? architect or structural engineer or both? the reason for doing this is because the lounge at the minute is on the front of the bungalow and we want to add a conservatory with bi folding doors leading into it,and of course we couldnt put it on the front,
thanks guys

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An Architect or Structural Engineer should be able to answer your problem, as long as they are fairly competent.
The key issue is determining whether the wall in question are load bearing or not. As the property is a bungalow, clearly there isn't a floor above and other partition walls to hold up, but one or more of the walls are likely to be holding up some of the roof structure, or possibly performing a bracing function, like a buttress to keep the external wall stable.
An engineer would generally only provide a sketch showing the supporting beams required to support above when the walls are removed.
An architect, should be able to advice on the alterations as well, but possibly calling on an engineer to size the supporting beams.
In any event you will need to make an application to your local authority building control to check and approve of the alterations
I hope this helps

Answered 5th Feb 2012

DBD Consultants

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An architect should bring in a structural engineer if required, I would speak to an architect first

Answered 5th Feb 2012


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Hi Nikki.
You can employ an architect to do the simple drawings for you,
Use a local one and ask for an idea of the cost of the drawings.
The architect will know which walls are load bearing and will
need steel beams [r.s.js ] rolled steel joists,
Your architect will then reccomend an engineer who will work
out the the steel calculation for you, this will be length x depth x
width and the KGM this means the kilogrammes per metre, so if the steel is
5 metres long and weighs 46kilos per metre the total weight of the
steel would be 5 x 46 kilos =230 kilos.
The KGM can go up in weight per metre and this is what the engineer will calculate for you,
i.e. 46 kilos per metre
54 kilos per metre
62 kilos per metre
I hope this imformation will help you Nikki
any problems contact me, i offer free advice
good luck
Glen Johnson

Answered 5th Feb 2012

period property specialist

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I recommend both.

You will require structural engineer to asses whether any of the walls you intend on removing are load bearing or not. Load bearing walls as a rule are generally brick/concrete block construction and not stud, but this is not in all cases!

If they are indeed load bearing then a steel beam will be needed in order to take the load the wall was once taking. The structural engineer can then make a steel calculation for what size beam to use along with the correct pad-stones.

As you have purchased a bungalow the main load if any will be your ceiling joists, the best way to check this yourself will be to get into your loft space and actually look to see if the ceiling joists are actually bearing on the walls you intend in removing.

Any potential builders you call in to quote should be able to give more advise on whether or not the walls are actually load bearing or not. If they are do make sure a steel calculation is obtained from a certified structural engineer. A good builder will not touch the job until this information has been provided.

Answered 5th Feb 2012

MRG Building Contractors

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As stated above.BOTH and building control.

Answered 6th Feb 2012

Roc builders

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As its structural works, you need a structural engineer plus architect, the builder will then be able to price and carry out the works via the architects plans and s/e details.
The works may have to go through b/c/o

Answered 3rd Feb 2012


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You dont need to waste your money on an architect,enlist the sevices of a good builder and a structural engineer.

Answered 3rd Feb 2012

m w building construction and property maintenance

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You could choose either but if any of the walls you want to knock down are structural a Structural Engineer will be required to calculate the size of any steels / beams.

Answered 5th Feb 2012

Architectural Services

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you will need drawings by architect and calculations by s engineer

Answered 5th Feb 2012

Oliver Design & Build

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i would ask the structual engineer who will supply calcs for the steel beams needed,

Answered 5th Feb 2012


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Hi Nikki-
the answer depends upon whether the walls are load bearing or not.
If any part of the roof structure is bearing on the walls you wish to remove, then they are load bearing. If they are non load bearing then you should be able to remove them without the necessity of involving the services of a structural engineer.
Any builder worth his salt should be able to tell you whether the walls are load bearing or not.
An alterative to employing an architect or a structural engineer is to employ the services of a building company who have the facility to organise this on your behalf.
Please feel free to contact us for further free and impartial advice.

Answered 6th Feb 2012


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structural engineer for all the walls /calcs and council submittion ,building control required as well ,builder will take care of this for you

Answered 3rd Feb 2012


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You will need both. Plans drawn up 1st then the structural engineer will be able to work out steel load sizes to support the roof and ceilings were necessary .

Answered 4th Feb 2012

jd kent

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