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What to get rid of daffodils, tulips and irises growing in my new turf?

Last June, I hired a company to landscape my front and back garden and it cost me £7000.
In the back garden, prior to having it done, there had been a pond with daffodils, tulips and lots of other plants growing around it and lots of other flowers growing in other areas around the garden as well.
Once the garden was completed with new turf and fencing around, it looked beautiful. Unfortunately, I now have daffodils, tulips and irises growing through the new lawn in the very spot where they where located before, around what used to be the pond. I have been in touch with the company and they have said, after a few emails, they would try and sort the problem out; but they are busy at the moment. I was just wondering what would be the best and permanent way to get rid of this problem of flowers growing all over my lawn.

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I would get the company to sort this but only if it somehow came under the agreement ie if rotavation was required it was done but they came back then its there responsibility otherwise i would somehow invest in digging it all over and removing you can get industrial type weeders but these are harmful effective but harmful to animals etc


Answered 1st Apr 2018

Daffodils and tulips are only in leaf for a relatively short period after flowering, you could spray with weedkiller but this will of course kill the grass as well and is unlikely to kill all, the only other way to get rid of them is to dig them out and the chances of removing them all this season is slim as they produce small bulbs from the main bulb, very difficult to eradicate completely, Iris really need to be dug out. Great pity that all the bulbs were not removed at time of lawn preparation, the bulbs even when dormant are fairly easy to spot, sorry that I can't suggest a quick fix for you.


Answered 9th Apr 2018

Unfortunately as James said there's no quick fix. You would have to dig them out with a long spade and put the turf back exactly as you find it which is time consuming. The easy way would be to just mow them down each spring but I realise it's not what you want with a new lawn.


Answered 16th Apr 2018

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