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Blown bricks & damp - cost to replace bricks

1900 mid terrace red brick house - We are suffering from black mould behind our kitchen units, outside wall at the rear of the building, and both external walls for the bedroom above it. The window and gutters have been checked and we have a DPC in place but I have noticed the problem is getting worse and there are quite alot of bricks that are blown.
What is the best way to replace this, as there are quite a lot of bricks affected, and what costs would we be looking at?
Thanks for your answers, I dont think the house has cavity walls I think they are solid, the DPC was fitted before we moved into the house 5 years ago, and I think from memory was fitted in 2001.
I had a quick look at the wall last night and I think the area that needs replacing is quite large, so maybe rendering is the answer. Thanks for your help.

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Best way to cut out your bricks is to stitch drill them and use a plugging chisel.
Some times when you remove the brick whole you may have a good face at the back, just turn it round and rebed.
Failing that, buy bricks to match, either builders merchant or reclamation yard.
You havent said wether it a solid wall or cavity, or if insulated.
So maybe replace the bricks, repoint where needed and apply couple coats of good quality water seal.


Answered 17th Mar 2011

hi mrsk_29,
is this house a cavity constuction?
also is the dampcourse new ie,silicon injection or other.
if it is a cavity built construction and you have recently had a damp course installed then it could be rubble being disloged in the cavities by the hammer drills used to make the injection holes!
not uncommon.
it could also be a condesation problem from bad ventilation.
as to the state of the bricks there is only two answers
1 render the walls
2 cut out the bricks and replace with new ones
its not easy to give a price as i cannot see the extent of the damage
but i would hazzard a guess of between £1000 to £4500
depending on the work involed.
hope this helps.


Answered 17th Mar 2011

If U have soft \red Bricks, stocks or rubbers U are better off redering the Wall as it will cost a lot to replace them as U could change more than expected by damaging bricks trying to get the bad ones out?
Very commom problem with houses of ur age?
Render it, Venterlate it and forget it...


Answered 20th Mar 2011

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