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How long after plastering can you paint a 'mist' coat on and what is the ratio water to paint? thank you!

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Hiya, ideally leave it some time to settle in, the longer the better, but if you're desperate to get it done, then usually within 4 days or as soon as the plaster has completely set in a soft pink colour.

I would clean up the edges if needed, then with some P180 sandpaper, give it a light rub over, complete dustdown, clean the walls with a light mix of washing up liquid and water to remove all traces of dust. After that, you're ready for painting! 50% paint / 50% water, thouroughly mixed. 2 good coats of this should get your walls nicely sealed and ready for your colour.


Answered 30th Nov 2011

Use Dulux Super Matt Diluted to 2/10th. That is 2 litres water to 10 litres paint. This is the paint they use on DIY SOS etc which means it CAN be used on setting plaster(that is med red onwards) without any staining/ring marks etc etc. Bit more expensive but excellent finish


Answered 1st Dec 2011

when it,s dry! depending on whether you have heat in the room,you will see it change colour,from dark red to a pinkish colour,normally leave it one week,water the paint down as much as you like


Answered 30th Nov 2011

Only when the plaster is fully dry.Opinions vary,ive always used a one part water/one part paint...worked for me the last 30yrs !!! Richard


Answered 30th Nov 2011

hi your mist coat ratio should be 70% water 30% emulsion, plaster moves as it drys and hair line cracks appear with in 18 months. apply this ratio mist coat softens the plaster so your 2 full coats of emulsion will sink in rather than sit on top so less hair line cracks will appear. good luck.

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Answered 30th Oct 2013

when the plaster has dried and is back to a light pinky colour it is ready to paint, you can water the mist coat down by about 20% percent if you wish but it is not necessary, when you cut in with a brush make sure you roller over them straight away otherwise the new plaster will dry the paint quick leaving the brush marks


Answered 30th Nov 2011

you have to wait till plaster is completely dry and then you can put mist coat, paint should be watery: 1l of paint and 1.5l of water


Answered 30th Nov 2011

50 water 50 paint give it about 3 coats


Answered 13th Jan 2013

Allow plaster to fully dry then mix 50/50 water and paint which allows new plaster to take the moisture preventing the paint to flake off


Answered 23rd Jun 2017

It depends on how warm it is for it to dry and set. Normally you can tell when plaster turns to a lighter pink colour. If you paint it when it's still a dark pink it could flake off. You can use any colour water bass Matt emulsion depends on colour of Finnish. I normally water it down about 25%


Answered 23rd Apr 2017

Leave until light pink
Then 50:50 ratio paint to water

Use any light matt emulsion to seal new plaster


Answered 15th Sep 2022

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