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I have a 3 bedroomed airey type house made with concrete slabs, i wanted to have this bricked up, can you advise the process i would need to go through and approx costs.

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Theres quite a bit of work involved, all your rooms will have acro props in, to hold up all the floors etc, scaffold the house, all the panels removed, new foundations dug min 1m deep to the side of existing and tied in.
Its depending on your existing walls, but usually another 100mm selcon block wall is built, tied to existing, cavity insulation then face brick work.
All windows and doors to be repositioned or renewed, making good all plaster work.
The roof will have to be extended out.
You need a company that carrys out this type of work, as a certificate will be issued, stating the works carried out, as this affects the sale of the property.
There are to many variations involved in this type of work to give any where near the cost.


Answered 1st Nov 2011

I know a person whom had one of these houses and the cheapest way he found was to move out demolish it and rebuild it,,,,


Answered 12th Jan 2012

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