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Marley tiles & bitumen glue on floor - need to level the floor for laminate flooring

I have bought a house from 1970 and there are Marley tiles glued with Bitumen on the ground floor. Previous owners had carpet in the living room and laminate flooring in hall, kitchen and wc. I want to put laminate flooring throughout but the living room floor is not level, 16mm drop from one side to the other.

I understand Marley tiles can be left buried under new flooring but I don't know how to level the floor.

I thought of using self levelling compound to encapsulate the tiles and level the floor but I've heard it doesn't adhere to the tiles.

Any advice would be very appreciated as I'm at a loss.

Many thanks

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Self levelling compound will be fine over the tiles as long as you key them first and then put a primer down before the SLC. You could have problems with tiles that are semi loose popping as the SLC dries. Best practise is to take the tiles up.
Hope this helps.

Answered 30th Aug 2016

Axton Flooring

Member since 10 May 2016

The tiles should be removed and then check for damp once done prime an latex the floo

Answered 5th Feb 2017

Gilbeys Flooring

Member since 6 Jan 2017

Marley tiles fitted with bitumen are before we went to metric so they are brittle and fitted with bitumen which in most cases also acts as the Dpm. after we went to metric the tiles got bigger and where more vinyl and softer. You can latex over the Marley tiles but they need to be solid and not loose there is only one latex I would advise using and that's Ardex n.a if the tiles are loose or you want to remove them then once again you should use Ardex n.a as it's the only latex that will accept the sub floor. If the tiles come up and expose the bitumen then a Dpm is worth thinking about as it will protect the new flooring and in all cases it's worth testing the rh in the floor to make sure it's under 75 rh and again if it is higher then 75 rh then ardex n.a should be used cause it's moisture tolerant.i specialise in floor preparation. I hope this helps.

Answered 7th Feb 2017

Floor-Tec U.K.

Member since 7 Feb 2017

The marley tiles should be removed an not bye you. As they contain a bit of asbestos in them that is dangerous for pepole. Do not remove the tiles if u dont no what u doing. Once the tiles are rumoved there will still be bitumen on the sub floor. U then primer the floor ready for latexing. Not all primers cure the bitumen i would recomend a 131 primer before u laytex. If u dont use the right primer the floor screed will blow under nieth eney flooring. Which means it will be a waste of time putting a new floor down if the latexinflg/screed blows. Hope this helps

Answered 7th Feb 2017

RR Floors

Member since 18 Jan 2017

I would always take take tiles up to cover my own back check for damp if damp put a DPM down prime next day then latex floor

Answered 6th Jul 2017


Member since 14 Apr 2016

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