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White paint for bathroom door & woodwork


What is the best white paint please for a wooden bathroom door and wooden shelves? The room has poor ventalation and the surfaces do get a bit damp with steam from the shower. I had planned on using Dulux brilliant white gloss (once) however used it to paint some wooden shelves in the same room and it has yellowed badly after just a few months and I don't want to have a repeat with the door.

The rest of the doors in my flat are painted in Dulux white eggshell (water based). I had planned to do the bathroom door with this too but am concerned that it might not be as durable and water repellent as the gloss.

Any advice about your preferred white paints for bathroom woodwork would be much appreciated!


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You can try apply a undercoat of anti mould emulsion, and top coats with Dulux bathroom paint.


Answered 9th Aug 2016

Any oil based paint will yellow in time so using a water based product is the best idea. Eggshell is fine on bathroom woodwork and will give a durable and waterproof finish particularly if you use something like Dulux Diamond Eggshell. If you already have a yellowed finish it's a good idea to use a proper primer or undercoat to try and hold back the yellowing which may otherwise show through eventually.


Answered 10th Aug 2016

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