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New extension: plastering before/after doors (what is door lining, casing, frame)

I'm going round and round in circles trying to understand what happens in which order when it comes to plastering and doors.
Does the plastering happen before or after the door casing/lining? It seems logical to do the plastering after the door lining but before door frames, door stop and doors? Can you please help, I've tried to google but only a little clearer and I'm trying to hire a plasterer. Many thanks for your help.

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Definitely casing first as all that banging in nails/ screws can crack the plaster, but also the casing should be just proud of the wall both sides so that when the walls are plastered everything becomes flush, also the stops should be fitted last in case the door is warped slightly or not perfectly in line with the casing, plus you can achieve a nice tight 'close'.
Let the room dry completely before hanging, moisture and wood dont mix.


Answered 21st Jul 2015

door linings go in first then plastering can be done nice perfect straight walls to rule off to door linings


Answered 5th Feb 2018

Door casings in first and left slightly proud, so that when plaster is applied it can be left flush to the frame so the architrave will sit properly.


Answered 23rd Jul 2019

door linings should be fitted followed by plastering then fit door stops finally hang/ swing/fit door. hope this helps


Answered 20th Jul 2015

You can fit the door lining after but I wouldn’t advise it. The Plasterer will have to finish level with the door frame so the architrave fits on. If you plaster before the frames go in you have no reference point of where to finish your plaster. Get things done in the right order and it makes the job a lot easier.


Answered 9th Jan 2018

I always make sure the doors are in first This ensure you work up to the frame of the door keeping everything flush, you don’t want the Plasterered walls to be damaged while your putting your doors in either


Answered 16th Jan 2018

I would always get door liners put in first and then skim up to them this will give you the best finish and then your chippy will find it much easier to then put you architraves on and then hardly any caulk will need to be applied before decorating. If the liners are oak or not getting painters afterwards then I'd always make sure they a taped up to prevent any staining.


Answered 7th Nov 2018

You definitely put your door linings in first then you plaster up to you level door linings


Answered 13th Nov 2018

Definitely door linings should go in first, giving u something to finish upto, also once plaster is dry then apply your skirtings and archives followed by the hanging of doors


Answered 28th Jan 2019

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