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Should i fit skirting before the carpet layer comes round, or after?

We're having a carpet fitted, and we want it running under the skirting boards, not up to (think it looks nicer).
Should we fix the skirting boards first and leave a gap for the carpet fitter to wedge the carpet under? Or wait until it's down and fit the skirts afterwards?

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you must fit skirtings first as the gripper is fitted leaving a tuckin gap which is needed to stretch the carpet into.
anyone tell you different then just ignore as its wrong.


Answered 15th Jun 2015

For a more professional finish is would suggest fitting the skirting boards first then have you carpet laid. This will give a nice finish to the carpet were it meats the skirting board and will also give you good access to the floor under neath the carpet. Also when applying grippers to the floor to hold the carpet, a carpet fitter needs to leave a specific gap between the skirting and the the gripper. Hope this helps.


Answered 15th May 2015

I am not a carpet fitter by any means but my Dad and brother both are and from experience when helping them I have never known / heard of a skirting board going down after a carpet has been fitted. All decorators on developments go in before carpet fitters not after to fill and paint any gaps between walls and skirting or joints.
The gripper for the carpet is placed a certain amount away from the skirting dependant on thickness of carpet. The carpet is then wedged between the skirting and gripper using a bolster. This makes the carpet fit snug by the carpet being bent over the gripper and down the side of the skirting which makes the carpet stay in place. If the carpet is fitted first then the carpet has a chance of lifting whilst you walk over it to fit the skirting.
If the carpet is cut short as "epoxy floor solutions " mentioned they should not be under the carpet fitter section and re-listed under the butcher section.
Hope this helps


Answered 27th Apr 2015

without a doubt after its easier to fit the carpet to the wall then sit the skirts on top for a flush can move skirting up and down you cant add carpet if it gets cut short :)


Answered 25th Apr 2015

If as you say you would like the carpet under the skirting then you will have to install the skirting after the carpet is fitted.
Please be aware of the pit falls of this however. It would not be easy to remove the carpet from that point onwards. For example if you ever have a problem with wiring or plumbing which is run under your floor. Or you decide in the future to change your carpet.
Hope this helps.


Answered 25th Apr 2015

Never ever put skirtings on after the carpet , you are only achieving a problem , once the grippers are fitted about 7mm from the face of the skirtings and the carpet is stretched and tucked between the gripper and the skirtings it looks incredibly neat and for all intents and purpose looks like it’s under.
This is how we teach all carpet fitters and it was the the practice before I started and I started in 1976.


Answered 10th Mar 2020

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