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Are light switches now permitted in bathroom areas ?

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to reply; all very helpful.

My intent was always to get it ispected by a qualified electrician, anyway, but it was very useful to understand for non-electrical preparation.

My consumer unit does have RCD, and I have
had a new boiler installed relatively
recently. However, presumably it would
not do any harm to have additional
cross-bonding in the bathroom, anyway ?

Many thanks again.

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Light switches are not allowed in bathrooms it has to be a pull cord or a switch outside.
Radiator pipes do not have to be bonded IF boiler is cross bonded and/or you have rcd protection on the fuseboard.
Plastic fans do not have an earth as they are double insulated. however. if the have is in zone 1 of the bath 0.6m from bath it will need to be 12volt. Also a isolator for fan outside of bathroom is required.


Answered 6th Aug 2011


Get a qualified electrician.

Note on bonding / earthing it depends on what main earth you have as well, whether it's TNCS, TT etc and that other conditions are met not just 'if it is a 17th edition board' which incidentily is a misleading term, what is meant is if all circuits supplying the bathroom are RCD protected.


Answered 7th Aug 2011

They are. Get a qualified electrician to install this in your bathroom. We can :-),_dimmers,_sockets/wafer_bathroom/single_plate_1_button_switch_onoff/



Answered 4th Feb 2013

do not put a light switch in the bathroom unless its a pullcord.
If you have installed a 17th edition RCD protected consumer unit then you dont need to worry about suplimentry earth bonding in the bathroom.
If you aren't actually changing or carrying out any modifications to any of the electrical circuits then they should be to 16th edition standards where suplimentary earth bonding should be present.


Answered 6th Aug 2011

Any new electrical work in a bathroom (or kitchen) has been under the jurisdiction of part P of the building regs since 2005 and it is a criminal offence for anyone to do this work unless they are registered domestic installers, or you get permission from the council before commencing work. Otherwise you can land yourself with a hefty (£5,000) fine.
Play safe - call a bone fide sparks


Answered 6th Aug 2011


it is still forbidden to fit light switches on a wall in your bathroom, must be a pull switch are on the outside, radiators and pipe work will need to be earthed but if your consumer unit is to 17th edition you to not need supplementary bonding in your bathroom,if your fan is in certain zones in your bathroom it will need to be low voltage and will not require an earth, but if it is a 230v fan it may need earthed some are double insulated and do not require a earth



Answered 6th Aug 2011

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