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When filling holes and gaps for example down the length of the side of a door, what is the difference between polyfiller and wood filler. many thanks.

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woodfiller is used for repairing and filling holes in wood. Polyfiller is used for repairing small cracks in plaster work. In your question you mention down the side of a door. If by this you mean where the door frame meets the wall then if it was a small crack i would recomend using decoraters cork to fill it. This will expand and contract with the timber and is easy to use. You will find it at any good diy store and i think they even do it in a squeezable tube so you dont need a mastic gun for applying it. When you squeez it into the crack give the cork a couple of minutes to stiffen then wet your finger and slowly rub downwards on the cork to give a smooth finish.
I hope this helps.

Answered 24th Feb 2011

M & J Developments (kettering) ltd

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Pollyfiller is likely to crack out over time with the expantion and contraction of the wood and the door being banged closed ,
were as a ''two part wood filler'' will adhear the two surfaces together a lot better thus lasting a lot longer, (in some extreme cases where there is a lot of humidity a flexible filler might be an idea) I hope this was helpful.

Answered 24th Feb 2011


Member since 12 Jul 2010

wood filler is for wood. if its deep holes there is a newish filler its called one strike. it will fill like the tub is empty as it is very light. and it is like snow. it wont slump and you can fill holes in one go. and goes of in 15 minutes

Answered 24th Feb 2011

northview property mainenance

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yes wood filler is for wood and poly is for walls and ceiling i allway use painter matt for side of door frames and top of skirtings and ceiling line.

Answered 26th Feb 2011

kws decorators

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polifiller is hard to use on corners, and wood filer as well! On those corners where the wood meets the wall, i always use caulk. It is very easy to use, strong , reliable and flexible (not water resistant!) if there is humidity, it is advised to use silicone that can be painted over) . There is a special silicone that can be painted. Other than that , caulk is the best for what you mentioned. No need for sanding, flexible and quick.
Hope this helps,

Daniel Lenghel

Answered 24th Feb 2011


Member since 15 Sep 2010

The difference is, polyfiller is rigid and will crack. Woodfiller is flexible and will not.

Answered 24th Feb 2011

Monray Domestic Services

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what you need is decorators CAULK no need to let it go off run a wet finger down the joint have you have applied the CAULK to give it a smooth finish which can be painted over after it has dried

Answered 28th Feb 2011

handy devils

Member since 19 Oct 2009

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