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Is ordinary plasterboard good to use for a shower/bathroom area?

I have had ordinary plasterboard put up on a wall where the side of my bath is, the tiler has I think put PVA onto it and tiled on top. As I have a shower also I need to know if this is correct and will not fail or have water seep into it destroying the plasterboard. Also I have a wall that has lining paper on it and he has used PVA on this wall ready to tile will this also fail? Currently I have stopped work because I understand that adifferent type of plasterboard should be used and or tanking. Please can you assist?

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He should have used Hardie Backerboard, available from most merchants which is designed for high moisture/humidity areas such as bathrooms and wetrooms, not standard plasterboard. Any moisture that escapes behind the tiling in time will break down the plasterboard and potentially cause the tiles to work loose. Another suitable board would be the Knauf Aquapanel Plasterboard usually around £26 for a 2400 x 900 size board.
As for the wall with lining paper on it. The lining paper should first be stripped off followed by any making good, preperation and sealing work to wall finish prior to the application of tiling. Hope this helps..

Answered 20th Jul 2011

NLC Carpentry & Joinery

Member since 2 Jul 2011

hi there is no probs with using normal plasterboard as long as a waterproof adhesive and grout is used ..make sure a complete bed of adhesive is used to fix tiles and not dot and dabbed as the water will get behind tiles ...as far as the lined wall ..this defo has to be stripped of paper first ...its pretty obvious that the tiles will just come away with the paper ..this is a bodge and any decent tiler would not have done this ...hope this helps ...good luck

Answered 20th Jul 2011


Member since 30 Sep 2008

sounds to me that your tiler isn't a tiler, and I reckon that you actually know more about tiling prep than he does.
Employ a tiler.
remove the backing paper obviously, tank the area, or re-board the whole wet-area with suitable aquaboards or hardi as above.
the cost of the prep will be far less than re-doing it all when it fails in a year or 2
& a tiler shouldn't even have pva in his van. Never mind putting it on the walls.

Answered 20th Jul 2011

M W Tiling

Member since 20 Jan 2009

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Its not my trade but i have experience with this in my own home my tiles are on normal plasterboard and now i have increasing black dampness all around my silicone and grout and the tiles are coming loose in certain areas now i am going to have to take all the tiles off take the plasterboard off and put the green plasterboard which in all new builds i have painted over the years it is this which goes up as any small hole water will get through and the normal plasterboard through time will just soak up the water like mines has , hope this helps
cheers David

Answered 20th Jul 2011

David King Painters

Member since 11 Feb 2009

For peace of mind you could opt for moisture resistant boards (Green paper), but normal gypsum boards are fine as long as your tiler uses a water proof grout and silicons along were bath meets tiles & in the corners.
Hope all goes well....

Answered 20th Jul 2011

K.Davis Plastering & General Building

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lining paper should be stripped off then pva applied to bare walls ,aqua board should be used instead of plasterboard ,what company have you employed bodgeit an scarper ltd get rid

Answered 20th Jul 2011


Member since 7 Jun 2008

The lining paper needs to be stripped of without a doubt. The tiles will just fall straight of as soon as the moisture out of the adhesive soaks into the paper. As for the plasterboard a cement based board should really be used. Hope this helps you.

Answered 20th Jul 2011

Stafford Edge Plastering & Tiling

Member since 19 Jul 2011

normally we use "green" plasterboard for bathrooms(moisture resistant) but if all the bathroom is tiled normal board is ok,not sure about tiling over lining paper though,think it may "bubble" and fall off good luck

Answered 20th Jul 2011


Member since 22 Nov 2010

I agree with mw tiling PVA is the most common reason for tiles failing on walls and floors you need to use a good primer!!
Plasterboards are okay if you apply a complete coat of waterproof adhesive to the area to be tiled and a good quality waterproof grout.
Cement base boards and M R boards are better.
Best to cut your losses sack the muppet who's started the job and get a proper tiler in.
Tiling over lining paper what ever next!!!!

Answered 21st Jul 2011

Ch kitchens bedrooms bathroom

Member since 4 Jun 2011

Agree with the last two posts by MW Tiling and Ch kitchens, especially regarding full bed 100% coverage with a waterproof adhesive and the use of primer - not PVA

Answered 1st Aug 2011

GID Tiling & Repairs

Member since 20 Sep 2010

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