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Can i sell my house if my loft conversion isn't up to the building regs?

I am currently selling my house advertised has a 2 bedroom with loft conversion for storage, we had our loft conversion done 8 years ago it has a proper staircase done by builders and a floating floor, a mains fire alarm and velux window. We were told we didn't need planning permission but also didn't get anyone in to see if it was to building regs, would this be a problem when I sell my house as it's not advertised as a bedroom and only a storage room

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I've got to be honest and you are not going to like what I'm going to tell you.
I realise you are not advertising it as a loft conversion but yourself or builder has done major works to your property and technically could have caused structural problems to it (they probably have not but...) The problems could be anything from ventilation problems causing condensation problems to exaggerated fire escape problems.

In this day and age surveyors are keen as mustard for above such problems and I do get phone calls asking me to come and sort or give solutions every now and again.

This is all I can suggest, try selling it! If it's not looking good and it sounds like it's purely because you can't find a cash buyer or mortgage company willing to lend against a property with a loft conversion without regs, bite the bullet and remove the stairs. If that has not helped, remove the plaster, insulation and just leave it with the floor.

Good luck woody apex lofts


Answered 25th Mar 2014

I agree with the above I'm afraid


Answered 26th Mar 2014

I agree with Apex lofts if you have problems remove the stairs and fit a hatch as when stairs are fitted it`s then classed as a dwelling space


Answered 12th Aug 2014

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