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How deep foundation should be for a wall 2.3m high


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Hi,normally about 1 m deep will do the job properly (it will need to be shuttered in stages as to work to block/brick coarses).If the soil is very soft/sandyetc it would be advised to go deeper until you get clay/solid soil.Good luck.Regards Shaine

Answered 12th Jul 2011

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a general rule of thumb for this is about 1 quarter in and three quarters out so if the wall is 3m high the footings should be 1m deep in your case with a wall of 2.3m your footing should be 750mm deep however this greatly depends on the ground you are building out of. i hope this helps you out

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Answered 11th Jul 2011

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Hi, this would depend on the ground conditions, if it is clay, recomended 1.0m deep minimum or untill you hit a solid base. Sandy soils are not very good for building on, gravel, rock or chalk are excellent so no need to go as deep. If in doubt your local council building control officer will be aware of local conditions and should give good advice for free over the phone .
If you are digging close to the side of your house be aware that you dont undermine the house foundations.

Answered 11th Jul 2011


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There is no minimum/maximum depth. The foundation should go down to solid clay, which could be 18" down, or 6' down, you never know until you start digging!
There is a rule of thumb for the width of the foundation which is basically 1/3 of the height of the wall for a double skin wall, down to 500mm minimum. So a 3m wall would have foundations down to clay and 1m wide, with the wall built centrally to the foundation.

Answered 12th Jul 2011


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There is no set depth,as with any foundation excavation should be to a depth to a level which has a firm base free from either root growth or made up ground

Answered 11th Jul 2011


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