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How to get a copy of a part p certificate, bs7671 certificate,

I've read some of the other questions but haven't found the answer.

So in 2011, I got electrical work done in the kitchen, new sockets, new lights as well as a new fuse box and smoke/heat alarms put into the circuit.

To be fair they may have sent the certificate to me but, I had issues when I moved in with the Royal Mail and them striking the house off of their deliver to address as the same time.

I'm now selling and the people are asking for:
A copy of the Signed BS7671 Electrical Safety Certificate or
The Installer's Building Regulations Compliance Certificate or
The Building Control Completion Certificate

Looking back at the quotation it says "on completion a part p certificate will be issued". I didn't get that and wasn't in the house when they actually finished the work.

I don't have any of these and can't get a hold of the company. I don't think they were dodgy people. Is there not someplace these certificates get logged? Something similar to FENSA?

I've just called some people who have been quoting £250-£350 to do an electrical safety certificate. I'm kinda very short on cash at the moment until I sell... so would like to get a certificate if it exists already out there.




I just wanted to say thank you for the replies. I e-mailed and phoned my local council whom were useless. They were trying to charge me to send someone around to then certify the property as oppose to looking to see if it has already been done.
I then phoned NICEIC and they were SO helpful. The lady found the works in a jiffy with just my address and approximate time of work (I.e. I knew it was in December) and they sent me a certificate I got the next day.

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Jenny, if the work was done properly you should have had two documents. The Electrical Installation Certificate issued by the electrician or company who actually did the work and ii) the Part P building regulation certificate sent by post.

If the work was notified then this Part P notification, as you have suggested, will be on a database somewhere. The key to finding out however, required you to know the date the work was notified and the full details of the company making the notification. As such you need to establish if the company was NICEIC registered, NAPIT registered or ELECSA registered. If you can find out which scheme they belonged to, then contacting the respective organisation could help get a duplicate part P cert issued.

Only the electrician/company themselves will have the carbon copy of the Electrical Installation Certificate, so if they have stopped trading or gone bust then its unlikely that you can get a copy of it.

The position you are now in is difficult. If you can not provide a certificate then the buyers solicitor will require you to take out a building regulations indemnity policy as technically your local authority so could potentially prosecute you or the new buyers for up to £5000 for non compliance with the regulations.

Your story is all too common and whilst there is a possibility the job was done correctly and notified, 95% of the time when there is no paperwork and the company is no longer around, its non compliant illegal work.

On the legal perspective you also need to be aware that whilst you have been quoted £350, the law is quite clear in that it is illegal for other electricians to certify work that they have not done themselves! - The only legal route you have if no cert can be obtained is to apply for retrospective building regulations permission and get the local authority in to inspect the works. This is likely to be costly and you do run the risk of their interest being raised around the non compliance. Generally they are sympathetic but could prosecute.


Answered 16th Sep 2013

You can get an electrical installation condition report carried out which is normally accepted by the local authority or solicitors in these instances.
Its best to check with them first but its quite common this scenario you are in and we have carried out EICR checks for clients in the past with building control approval.
You cannot get the building regs notification this way as it has to be issued by the local authority or electricians scheme provider at time of completion but I would not worry too much.


Answered 3rd Oct 2013

Dear Jenny,

Sorry to hear that you having problem locating your certificate.

You can contact local authority and they should provide this in your case with minimal cost.

If you know the Electrical contractor name or builder's company name you can check with whom they were registered and can call the NICEIC or NAPIT or other governing body and given their company name and number to ask for copy if your job legally logged in to their database. Otherwise the last option is to post the job on My Builder and find a competitive quote for Electrical Installation Condition Report for your new installation.

All the best for your house sell.




Answered 3rd Nov 2013

If you did not receive an installation certificate from the electrician or a compliance certificate from his governing body I do not believe the job has been registered.
The company you paid should have been given the installation certificate which should have been passed onto you, the electrician who did the job should keep copies of the certificate too. the governing body should have the job registered on their files as they issue the compliance certificate and the LABC should also have the job on file as having been notified as compliant.
Hope this is of some help, good luck. Kevin.


Answered 15th Sep 2013

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