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I have a 12ft x 9ft loglap summerhouse/shed with 3" treated framework.the shed is lined with the brown wax type paper.can you advise on best type of insulation to prevent mould etc.

Some contents suffered last winter from mould and damp. Shed has georgian type windows top half of double doors and two in side of shed.

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hi, we use polystyrene sheets then board over with ply and baton the joints to make it look tidy then it can be painted if required


Answered 15th Jun 2011

hi insulation is not nessesarily your problem it may be ventilation. People often think if its wet seal it. We had a really bad winter a deep freeze. and thaw means wet. Insulation such as foam boards keep in moisture as well as heat. Leave space between stored items and ensure air movement this may solve your problem I you do opt for insulation foam boards with reflective surface may be best option to retain space. Still ventilation is vital.


Answered 11th Jul 2011

Go to Knauf site and they spec what you need


Answered 22nd Jun 2011

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