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Can my neighbour erect a fence, higher than mine & fixing it onto my fence posts

I have a 5ft fence in my back garden, rails & slats on my side. My neighbour has today had someone round to put up a taller fence. But it has been fixed to my existing posts on his side.blocking of the adjoining access gate. I fear that this will weaken my fence with what is now essentially 2 fences fixed onto one set of posts. Can he do this ??

thanks for your replies

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Hi Tracy, if your fence is a boundary fence and actually runs on the boundary line then technically the opposite side to your fence is their side to use, but if you originally paid for your fence to be erected, it's still your fence and your neighbors should have asked to do what they did as you can by right, if you did pay for the original fence, is take the fence back down and theirs with it, as it's attached to yours.

If your fence is set within your boundary, which a lot of people do as then they do not have to ask their neighbors for permission to erect a fence, then your neighbors should not have attached their fence to yours as the fence front and back completely belongs to you.

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Answered 2nd Aug 2013

No, if you paid for your fence then any damage caused to it must be paid for by your neighbour.


Answered 11th Jul 2013

No he can not do this , 6 ft is the maximum height can erect fencing between joint properties.


Answered 31st May 2017

They cannot fix a fence to your fence and in most cases cannot be higher than 2 metres


Answered 2nd Apr 2018

No he can not fix a fence on to your fence at all


Answered 14th Sep 2017

boundary fences can not be more than 2metres and in some cases you need planning permission so I would check up on it.


Answered 31st Aug 2017

If you paid for your fence to be erected then if your neighbour causes any damage to your fence you will be able to ask for damages cost as it is your property, plus they should not be fixing another fence to your posts anyway.
Hope this helps


Answered 28th Oct 2020

Your neighbour would be requited to ask your permission and would be liable if the fence was paid for by yourself.

That being said if it is on the boundary line and is the original fence when the property was built then your neighbour could technically do that


Answered 19th Oct 2022

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