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Our expert tree surgeons have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as crown reduction or thinning, stump grinding, tree condition reports, tree disease, statutory trees, moving trees, removing trees, pruning trees and much more.

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95 Tree Surgery questions

Tree-surgeons qualification check

Do I need to carry any licensing/qualification checks when hiring a tree-surgeon?

Is it mandatory to have them or do I just look for previous experience and references?

average prices for removing tree

What's a guide price for removing a tree either down to stump level or roots included?

Method of employment

I have had a gardener for 25 years who has come in weekly to do all gardening including hedging and tree trimming. He has very good tools which he owned.
I have always paid him on an hourly rate. He does work as and when necessary.
Unfortunately he has medicl problems which mean he cannot continue with most of the work.
This is maintenance which cannot be done on getting quotes.
Could you give me some guidance on this.

Poor tree is dying help

Please help. My beloved tree is dying ;(((( tree id deading. Please can anyone provide medical support to my tree. I THINK He needs tree anasteahsia. sorry caps lock

Would a metal band Around a tree make the tree suffocate ?

I recently had a tree surgeon visit my property and he suggested that the metal band to hold my fence in place (that was put in place over 2.5 years ago) will cause my tree to die.
However , it’s been ok for the past 2.5 years and I would like to know if I should take immediate action ? The metal band isn’t wrapped around it completely though.
I’ve been saving up to replace my fence and I don’t want to kill my tree in the mean time.

Removing the stumps and roots of a yucca tree

I have removed a rather large and overgrown yucca tree which was planted in front of my bay window by the previous owner, leaving two stumps approx. 20-25cm in diameter. New shoots have already started to grow and I am concerned about re-growth. Am I better off inserting poison into the stumps or should I attempt to remove the roots? If removal is better, how best to approach this? Many thanks

shortening tall yew trees to 1.5m

I have 2 tall yew trees in my front garden, above and near telephone wires.
They take too much moisture from the ground (clay soil). If I cut them to 1.5m short
- will this reduce their moisture uptake
- will the new shoots grow from the cut top to cover it
- when is the best time in the year to do this to not kill them.

How high legally can pine trees be, right at the side of your house?

I live in a council house and my neighbours have 4 pine trees of which the closest is right beside the house. Don't know the height but it is as tall as the house roof. It blocks my sunlight into my kitchen which is on that side, blocks the sunlight into my daughter and sons room but also blocks the sunlight into my garden. As you can imagine the house is dull and grim. The summer time you get creepy crawlies coming in through opened windows and its gross.
What can I do? The neighbours when I have mentioned it to them have said they will trim them but personally they need a good cutting and are 2 close to the house.
Id appreciate any feedback.

Tree in empty house next door

There is a silver poplar about 5foot away from our house in the garden next door. Its about 40foot high (estimate, its higher than our house) . The house is empty after the lady who rented it moved out after 60 years renting there. Weve been told the house is owned by people in London, we are in kent.
When its windy the entire tree moves, it sways about 1-2 inches all the way down the trunk. We are worried the tree will fall or damage our property. But its not ours, and we dont know how to contact the owner of the house.

What options do we have in this situation?

Whose responsibility is it to cut branches of a tree?

Hi, I live opposite a large house with a fence, and a large tree overhanging it, the branches of this tree are getting larger, but overhanging onto our car spaces. There are two, one behind the other - next door are my car spaces, so the tree is not overhanging into my actual car spaces. But I'm concerned as the branches are becoming bigger, and am concerned if there may be a storm etc? In the future, it also getting messy our side. Please help? I have not approached the neighbour about this yet. Regards, Cathy Parnell

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