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Our expert tree surgeons have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as crown reduction or thinning, stump grinding, tree condition reports, tree disease, statutory trees, moving trees, removing trees, pruning trees and much more.

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65 Tree Surgery questions

average prices for removing tree

What's a guide price for removing a tree either down to stump level or roots included?

How high legally can pine trees be, right at the side of your house?

I live in a council house and my neighbours have 4 pine trees of which the closest is right beside the house. Don't know the height but it is as tall as the house roof. It blocks my sunlight into my kitchen which is on that side, blocks the sunlight into my daughter and sons room but also blocks the sunlight into my garden. As you can imagine the house is dull and grim. The summer time you get creepy crawlies coming in through opened windows and its gross.
What can I do? The neighbours when I have mentioned it to them have said they will trim them but personally they need a good cutting and are 2 close to the house.
Id appreciate any feedback.


How easy is it to remove tree roots. I am purchasing a property which has two tall trees in the garden, one on the front lawn quite near to the house (I think it is a large cherry tree) and one at the back of the house (looks like a silver birch) both of which have become overgrown. I am worried that the roots may be getting into the drains.

enhance tree stump rotting

I have 50 conifers that I am intending to cut down, trunks are about 12 inches across, I am happy to leave the roots in the ground to saw a mess , if cut off at ground. Is there a way to enhance the rotting process please,



pruning a conifer


We have a conifer that is up to the top of the first floor/gutter height. The tree is in good health but the diameter at the bottom is over 3 meters which is dead garden space. I would like to take the bottom 7ft of branches off to expose the garden. Is this OK or will it kill the tree?

Many thanks.

Whose responsibility is it to cut branches of a tree?

Hi, I live opposite a large house with a fence, and a large tree overhanging it, the branches of this tree are getting larger, but overhanging onto our car spaces. There are two, one behind the other - next door are my car spaces, so the tree is not overhanging into my actual car spaces. But I'm concerned as the branches are becoming bigger, and am concerned if there may be a storm etc? In the future, it also getting messy our side. Please help? I have not approached the neighbour about this yet. Regards, Cathy Parnell

what does a statutory tree mean ? we have one on the pavement outside and council says it is a statutory tree ?

laying turf

hi there i need some advice ive recently taken up my garden area ,it was covered with pebbles,underneath the pebbles was a lining to stop the weeds coming through which meant that the ground underneath was fairly flat,i hired a wacker plate and tried to level it out even more which i have done, the question im asking is can i now lay my new turf straight on this surface and will it grow ,bearing in mind it is just compacted mud thankyou hope someone can help me

Tree Recovery from Roundup Damage


I'm looking for some advise on a rather difficult situation.

Our neighbour has a rather large poplar tree approx. 20m from our garden. Last your without knowing I manage to damaged the roots of the tree. I had no idea they belonged to their tree. I assumed where from our garden from old trees, they didn't look like roots and where sprouting. Anyway to cut a story short I drilled and poured roundup into some of these roots and as a result part of the tree has suffered damage. Two large branches have misshapen leaves, a couple with none, though 60% of the tree is in good health. Damage is on one side as per roots in my garden.

Currently our neighbour is demanding we remove the tree and stump, replant and carry out any remedial works to put the garden right. As this is not a small tree this will costs thousands.

Understandable to is concerned about the safety, though sentiment is driving this I believe (I would be annoyed if someone damaged my tree).

The tree has been stable for several months now, though its now not the prettiest and the damaged branches appear to be sprouting, the rest of the tree appears to be in good condition.

I understand that trees are very capable to recover from herbicide damage, particularly is damage is halted and there is indication of new growth. I maybe completely wrong, but it seems a bit drastic to remove the tree at this stage without giving it a chance.

I'm assuming a tree condition report would help? How much do these cost?
And perhaps some pruning to ensure the tree is safe.

Am I just being hopeful or should the tree just be removed?

No telling off please as I'm fully aware of the silly mistake! And to put salt on the wound the tree has a TPO! I'm hoping the council are going to be lenient as I think they know it wasn't wilful destruction.

Any advice would be most appreciated?


looking for work experience in the leicestershire

hi im am 16 year old lad who is looking to be an arborist. i need some work experience for the course i want to do at brooksby Melton collage and and was wondering if anyone had a work going.

i have been wanting to be a tree surgeon since i was 8 and have gathered information and knowledge in the industry from working and via professional Arborist on you tube and from this have learnt many methods and and techniques.

i have the basic equipment (helmet boots trousers gloves) and by working hope to begin to buy more professional equipment

please respond

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