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How do you get a nice finish when applying sealant around baths and sinks

I am planning to re-grout the tiling in the bathroom. As part of the project I will be removing the sealant around the bath.
When I applied the sealant last time I had a hard time getting it to look as good as it did when we first moved into the house (it was a new build).

Just how do tilers get such a great smooth finish.

How do you get tiles to stick to plywood?

tiles keep coming away from plywood that boxes in pipe work

My mates sister got her bathroom tiled. The tiler tiled on top of the old tiles,however he just stuck them on with silicone!!! He said "its common practice in the trade". Is this right? surely not?

I have recently removed tile of a bathroom wall....the adhesive is still on the wall...can anyone tell me how to remove it easily??? or is it possible to tile over the adhesive again?

I ment to say in the question its a whole wall I am talking about not just a single tile....the original wall is block wall with sand and cement plaster it possible to sand the wall down a bit then unibond it before tiling it??? A friend suggested this to me.

Do stud walls need plastering before tiling?

We are having a new en suite built. All around it is stud walls. Should the walls be plastered before tiling . what is the best way ? Don't want to be cheated?

Drilling through tiles

Our bathroom is fully tiled and I'm looking to install a loo-roll holder and a shower curtain. Had a word with a few people that do DIY and they said diamond drill bits and such aren't really required, just some masking tape over the area and a low torque setting on your drill? Will this be ok?

Should I use additional wooden board to tile on, in a upstairs bathroom ?

Instead of tiling straight onto the original wooden flooring boards. Should an additional wooden board be used to tile on ? Also are the any special adhesives I should use to waterproof it as well ?

Should I use grout sealant once my bathroom (including shower) has been fully tiled?

How do you apply grout sealant?
Does it affect/change the tile appearance?

Is ordinary plasterboard good to use for a shower/bathroom area?

I have had ordinary plasterboard put up on a wall where the side of my bath is, the tiler has I think put PVA onto it and tiled on top. As I have a shower also I need to know if this is correct and will not fail or have water seep into it destroying the plasterboard. Also I have a wall that has lining paper on it and he has used PVA on this wall ready to tile will this also fail? Currently I have stopped work because I understand that adifferent type of plasterboard should be used and or tanking. Please can you assist?

what adhesive shall i use for floor tiles

which adhesive for porcelain 600x600 floor tiles on to a ply lined bathroom floor? i have a 20kg bag of unibond rapid set ceramic floor tile adhesive cement basedleft over from another job. will this do?

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