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M. Miller Surface Maintenance Driveway and roof Specialists are a reliable and friendly company based in Carlisle Cumbria, We are a well established exterior maintenance company specialising in domestic and commercial driveway restoration and installment.


  1. Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface)
  2. Tarmac Surfaces

About M. Miller Surface Maintenance

Surface Dressing

Surface Dressing is a quick and effective way of giving a new lease of life to a surface that is beginning to show signs of fatigue. A hot bitumen emulsion is sprayed onto the surface of the road followed by high quality, graded aggregate. It is then rolled to ensure proper embedment of the aggregate into the binder. This provides an economical and water impervious seal with the added benefit of a much-improved surface texture.

Surface Dressing is made using aggregate spreaders and bitumen sprayers and. It can be used to treat both busy and quiet roads and the proper choice and rate of application of materials is essential to ensure adequate performance.

The cost of surface dressing is a lot less than asphalt surfacing making it a cost effective solution. We will be happy to provide a free no obligation quote.

Tarmacadam Surfacing

Tarmacadam has been around since the 1830 and is very common among homeowners in the UK as it is mainly relatively cost effective than many other of its contenders. It can be used on many areas domestic, commercial or agricultural it can be machine laid or hand laid it’s very hard wearing and low maintenance Tarmacadam has improved massively in recent years and becoming stronger and more flexible, especially heavy duty materials being used on commercial and industrial projects. These are suitable for heavy traffic areas such as Driveways, Farm roads, residential roads, factory's etc.

Where can be Tarmacadam used?

Anywhere From driveways, private roads, residential drives, foot paths and walkways, farm roads, silage pits, caravan parks, tennis courts, school playgrounds, golf clubs, just about all premises road surfaces can benefit from application tarmacadam resurfacing

What will we do?

It all depends on the existing surface for example if you have an old Tarmacadam drive which is in very bad condition, the existing surface would be completely removed. Then we would use a solid base to build up the driveway to a necessary level which then would be compacted. We then can coat the area with a K1-50 tack coat bitumen emulsion to help the base and Tarmacadam to bond together. Finally, we would re-surface using a grade of Tarmacadam to suit which will then be power rolled until we reach an even consolidated area. We can then seal the edges with bitumen to stop water ingress on the joints.

We can offer a flexible service that suits you minimising disruption to your business. We can complete the work before/after business hours or on a weekend when your office is closed.

We believe that both our rates are amongst the most competitive in the UK. We will be pleased to visit your home, business or site location to discuss your requirements.