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LW Treecare is a fast growing business. We offer good rates and free quotations. We have over 20 years of experience and will tackle any aspects of arboriculture or forestry.


  1. Tree Surgery

About L.W Tree Care Ltd

Crown reductions, tree felling, felling by dismantle, crown lifting, crown thinning, dead wooding, pollarding, large clearances, planning applications, tree reports.


Cs30 processing timber, chainsaw maintenance
Cs31 tree felling and processing
Cs38 tree climbing and aerial rescue
Cs39 using chainsaw from rope and harness
Cs41 Ariel tree rigging and dismantle

Latest reviews

  • Silver Birch - Size Reduction

    Did a good job re. tree felling and 2 x bush removals.

    However, he let himself down somewhat by allowing a large amount of foliage fall into the allotments at the end of the garden which resulted in me having to placate some irate allotment owners, and then having to clear and dispose of the waste. Luke didn't really engage as to why / how this can have happened ( it was a large volume of material so would assume that it would have been noticed, and, even if he could not access to remove it for some reason, I would have expected to be notified of the issue).

    It's a shame really, and I only point it out to help improve the service for other people's projects.

  • Tree removal

    Great guys! Would highly recommend. Took numerous trees down and cleared everything up.

  • Pruning an evergreen magnolia

    Very pleased with work. Pleasant, helpful tree surgeons who understood their craft. Very efficient, no mess, and respect of plants etc. Would recommend them.

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