Landscape paving

LANDSCAPE PAVING LIMITED, provide high quality new driveways, patios and landscaping at prices you can afford. We have many years experience in providing new driveways and patios giving you the peace of mind that our experienced staff will install and finish your new driveway or patio.


  1. Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface)
  2. Tarmac Surfaces
  3. Bricklaying
  4. Repointing
  5. Fencing
  6. Groundwork & Foundations
  7. Damp Proofing
  8. Landscaping
  9. Garden Maintenance
  10. Decking

About Landscape paving

we are a very representable company and work of our reputation, we have been based in Bromley area for the past 42 years and come highly recommended from trading standards, check a trade, yell, if you wish to see presentations of our works please message me for addresses of works in your area!,
Works always planned ahead to the least thing, (architecturally)

We have over 13 guys working with us on landscape paving in different sectors from plastering to groundworks and finishing,


we have highly skilled bricklayers [foreman of previous jobs with 25 years of experience] block pavers [foreman of previous job and worked with us for 20 years] 1 executive manager to make sure everything goes smoothly, landscapers to have the eye to transform a garden to a home,
ground-workers are highly skilled, cat qualified for gas electric water, depths water-flow etc.