Holland Damp Proofing UK Ltd

‘Green’ damp proofing without the mess of replastering. A damp proof system for the treatment of rising damp and mould. The Holland Damp Proof System® treats damp problems in an environmentally friendly way without using harmful chemicals.


  • Damp Proofing Specialist

About Holland Damp Proofing UK Ltd

Holland Damp Proofing has been installed in thousands of properties across the UK, since the first installation 10 years ago.

The benefit of choosing the Holland Damp Proof System® is that it is installed from the outside. The system does not require re-plastering, so there’s no mess inside the house.

Traditional chemical damp proof courses always involve the need to re-plaster the inside walls with a special waterproof plaster. This requires all old plaster to be removed to a minimum height of 1 metre from the floor level. If there is a kitchen or bathroom fitted against the wall it will need to be taken out.

There is none of this mess with the Holland Damp Proof System®. We promise an easy and clean job, all done from the outside!


The company prides itself on its high standards of customer service. Holland Damp Proofing’s staff handle all aspects of the business and we don’t use commission-based sales people. With thousands of satisfied customers, Holland Damp Proofing is the leading non-chemical damp proofing company in the UK (we don’t trade under any other name).

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