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Unlike several people on the site we specialise in decorating that is our trade,we have been in the business for 36 years,and carry full public liability insurance.As clients i would suggest you check any tradesmans qualifications as my builder and many other internet companies dont only insurance!! We strive to give all clients 110% service from start to finish. Please check our feedback as we have tried to achieve perfection for all clients. We have not done a few jobs like many. But over 170


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About Andrew Quality Decorating

Having worked in the decorating trade for many years and completing my apprenticeship,i have been lucky to work on many properties ranging from schools,people with learning disabilities,normal homes and higher end of market properties.I have been very lucky to even work abroad for existing clients,a lot of our success is down to giving our clients what they require with minimal disturbance. And always remembering the old saying were only as good as our last job.We were in the Dulux scheme but have pulled out due to poor products,i will be happy to explain to any client and we have free membership back in when we decide to re join.As well as full liability insurance,and the peace of mind knowing the work is carried out to the highest standards,we look forward to hearing any questions you may have. As mentioned i have not been asked to show any qualification by this or any other website but i have portfolio proving all my exams etc and experience in the trade. We run a professional decorating company and it annoys me unqualified people are allowed to advertise as decorators and give hard working decent tradesman a bad name. We take pride in our work and value all customers.To us you are not just a number we rely on recomendations from you and look forward to being of use to you in the near future. I maybe wrong speaking out about the qualifications etc but have homeowners not been taken for granted for to long. Competition is always healthy in any buisness but if your competing against somebody that does not prepare a job correctly or has not a clue what there doing then of course they will give a great price. But another thing that is not mentioned much to homeowners its down to you as clients to check for yourselves who you are employing.(not my builder or other internet companies.I have never been asked to show one qualification and this i think is so wrong.) That is why we carry our qualifications inc crb checks etc. Why we offer guarantees, why we give clients contracts on work so you are protected. We value our clients and take pride in what we do. Thank you for reading this and i hope its opened your eyes to a few things. We have worked hard to build our reputation and as mentioned we strive to give all clients a 110% service with minimal disruption. See for yourself what as a company we can offer compared to many of our competitors. We're happy to prove qualifications and site visits if required. Thank you for taking the time to read about Andrew quality decorating. Would also like it noted we have not done a few jobs but well over 150 and would be happy to supply details of any clients you wish to contact who have hired us through this site. Also now using mirka dust free sanding. Less dust and quality finish. As well as airless spraying all of which as a company we own so don't have to hire off shops that will loan to anyone. Therefore not being cleaned out or maintained like ours. Can show all qualifications not say I have them.


I have to say this is a joke as the site have never asked to see qualifications but unlike many I will show clients all mine.were in the Dulux approved scheme and have free membership back in when we wish but left due to poor products (Dulux only guarentee the quality of the workmanship nothing else) The scheme also cost to join but i will be happy to explain how it works and can give the same guarantees as they do.

City and guilds trained attended Reading collage(3yr apprenticship) 1yr advance course
Portfolio and references available (take pride in what we do and happy to supply refs etc)
All work guaranteed and backed by 12 mths same guarentee made by Dulux(but i dont have to pay to offer you the service)
Surrey trading standard approved.
Next thing i would like to mention is ask yourself how can anybody give a price without viewing a job!!!!!!!! you might get a rough guide but never can you value a job without looking. As perspective clients i hope i have opened your eyes to a few things you did not think of, as mentioned we offer a quality service backed by guarantees and look forward to working with you in the near future. We also use airless spray system now if required. Fantastic on empty properties. Surrey trading standards approved.

Services offered
New Deros dust free sanding (next to no dust in your property) new machines not hired.
All wall coverings inc feature papers - whole houses.
Airless spraying brand new machines. New machine not hired.
All furniture floors protected.Qualifications and can prove it.
All sign written vans
Please read some of our feed back as to what our clients say.
Work checked everyday and clients given regular updates what is being done.
Full day's work done as well as late days if needed.
Full detailed quotes given.
Special effects offered
A traditional decorating company with old fashioned values.
Our reputation is a thing that has taken years to build not 5 minutes.
GIVE ANDREWS QUALITY DECORATING the chance to show you as clients what we can offer. Thank you for reading a little on the company we look forward to working with you in the future. Also more than happy to arrange site visits or speak to our clients to see why I believe we offer the full package from start to completion. Feed back is important to us and I hope you read some of our reviews and see for yourselves we do what we say. Happy to show all qualifications and not just say I have them!!!!! also do not need to mention celebrities etc we have worked for in order to try and impress clients. As mentioned to us you are not just a number. I'm very sure with our feed back as clients you will see we don't make promises we cant keep. From the start of your project to completion you are guided through each stage in order to cause minimal disturbance to you and your family. HAPPY TO PROVE MY QUALIFICATIONS NOT JUST SAY I HAVE THEM AND MY EXPERIENCE IN THE DECORATING INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Public Liability Insurance

Limit of indemnity: £2,000,000.00
Valid until: 12th Feb 2020

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