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QuestionNew Kitchen

We are just moving house and are going to install a brand new kitchen inlcuding applicance, and dont really know where to start. I know alot of the bigger companies do the whole design thing, and i assume installation - but i am guessing this will be costly. Is there a better and more cost effective way?

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Hi Helen
The best way to go about this is to find a joiner who has an account with one of the major kitchen suppliers like Howdens or Magnet. He will then arrange for a site visit from there designer who will design your kitchen free of charge. Some joiners will charge the kitchen out to you at trade price, you will then pay the joiner for fitting it. A far cheaper way than using the big diy stores. Hope this helps. Gary

GB Joinery and Property Maintenance 29th Mar, 2011

Hi Helen,
some really good suggestions & advice here.

It's the installation that will cost you dearly from the big DIY companies as not only do they have to pay the fitters,you are also contributing to the overheads of that company as well,including putting the petrol into the bosses brand new ferrari! ;)

Get the free planning & designing done by them ,even buy the kitchen from them if it's at a good price but source your kitchen fitter on mybuilder & you will save yourself 100's of pounds!

Hope this helps,


carl melady 29th Mar, 2011

Hi Helen
Re you’re kitchen. If you go to somewhere like hombase or b&q get them to do a free design layout for your kitchen with the units you like, then once you have the design you can then source cheaper units from else where. The installation costs are pretty much the same whether it is a £3k or £30k kitchen, then just appoint a local mybuilder to do the installation he might also be able to help you with the design and layout and sourcing the units you like.
I hope this helps
Kind regards dave

The Property Maintenance Team 29th Mar, 2011

the bigger companies do the lot, design, supply and install. their design is free, there prices are very reasonable, and there installation is extortionate. my install cost is typically around half the price of these companies. b and q have a massive range now, and its not bad quality, infact some of it is very good quality. as you are in no major rush, remember the easter sale is coming, and ive heard upto 60% off, making it almost impossible to beat on price. ask for the installation price as well as it will give you a good guide on what you should pay. even a third off their installation price could save you a £1000 and sometimes more. good luck, hope this helps. regards jez

Devon Trade Team 29th Mar, 2011

I would get a kitchen fitter to come round and go through the possibilities with you and then you could let him supply it or go into kitchen traders with the info from the fitter and buy it yourself. This way you pay for what you are getting and then just get a quote for installation.
The bigger companies do go overboard with prices.
Jamie Anderton

Jamie Anderton Plumbing and Heating Specialists 29th Mar, 2011

We do a design service which is free of charge, and we supply and fit kitchen aswell, for a set fee.
RWH Property Maintenance


You mention fitting appliances? if these are additional or re-positioned you may have to install new socket outlets or re-site them.this work is notifiable to building control under part p as a kitchen is regarded as a special location, you would need an electrician as well as a kitchen fitter unless they can do both,regards Terry.

tm property services 29th Mar, 2011

Hi Helen
I Have to agree with Gary and suggest that you find a fitter that has a Howdens Acc and let them plan it for you

L B Installations 29th Mar, 2011

cost will depend on what you want design range ect. fitted kitchen companys can take out the hassle for you as most will supply and fit. you can buy from any fitted kitchen company supply only and get ur own fitter ( check there contract tho some wont replace anything if damaged by another fitter) or any diy store will give you a cheaper kitchen. best to look around get idea what you like in diy store first then try kitchen companys later. i'd get a diy store to do you a plan and take to a fitted kitchen company.

william bradley 30th Mar, 2011

would not advise howdens kitchens,at the end of the day they are an mfi kitchen same supplier,would last you 3-4 years tops

CRG Kitchens Ltd 31st Mar, 2011

As much as I agree with carl melody and the rest etc...the only benefit with larger kitchen fitting companies, i.e mobens magnet etc is their guarantee...normally it's 10 years on everything except appliances and damage caused by water ingress...and they do seem to honour that...I've been back to kitchens that were 6-7 years old to replace worktops, units and doors etc...you do pay out more initially but some people like that piece of mind. Most companies don't guarantee anything if you use your own fitter. You have to watch out with some fitters because it might look lovely when they put it in, but two years down the line it's literally falling apart... The sales usually aren't sales, they are just trying to get shot of last seasons old stock that had ramped up prices to start with.

Also fitting costs aren't the same for a 3k kitchen and a £30k kitchen...usually one is a lot higher spec, and a lot bigger.

good luck

Rebel Carpenter 1st Apr, 2011


RS installations 3rd Aug, 2011

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