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Dale Cochrane Dale Cochrane, Your-Build
Member since 2009
Graham Buck Graham Buck, Upward Trend
Member since 2011
Carl Murphy Carl Murphy, CDM Carpentry
Member since 2013

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Thousands of tradesmen

From Architects to Window Fitters, thousands of quality tradespeople use MyBuilder to get more work and build their reputations.

Reviewed by customers

We carefully screen every tradesman because we only want the best. Our feedback system does the rest, giving you accountability and trust.

Across the entire UK

We're a national outfit, so whether you live in London, Cornwall or Aberdeen, we've got recommended tradesmen in your area.

Susannah's story

MyBuilder customer Susannah Cannell talks about how she used mybuilder.com to find a local electrician in Wimbledon when her electrics failed just as she was due to go on holiday.

How MyBuilder works


Carefully selected tradesmen

We interview every tradesman who applies to make sure they’re up to the MyBuilder standard.


Sophisticated matching system

Our algorithm will find tradesmen interested in your job. Contact details are shared only when you say so.


Accountability through feedback

Feedback ensures our tradesmen are rewarded for good work and held accountable for problems.

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Ashley’s Toll house renovation and refurbishment

It’s all thanks to feedback

Feedback is like word of mouth - only better.

Read customer reviews about tradesmen and their work before you hire. Hold tradesmen accountable for their work and add to their reputation with your own feedback.

MyBuilder is fanatical about feedback. We work hard to ensure all feedback is genuine, giving you confidence and peace of mind to make the right hire.

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