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Is it possible to adjust the height of the hinges on upvc doors

Hi, we've not long had some lino fitted in the kitchen over the top of the tiles, but it now means that the back door sticks as the floor is too high and its started to tear the lino.
was just wondering if there is a way of moving the door up about 5 mm to stop it from rubbing. Theres about a 10mm gap between the top of the door and the frame, so is it possible to adjust the hinges and if so how is this done??
any help would be appreciated. cheers.

Yohdannyboy 26th Jul, 2011 Windows
4 Answers u16

Hi there, you can alter the height of your PVC-u door by taking off the rubber caps on top of the hinges to reveal a Allen key bolt. You will need to turn each adjusting bolt two turns each until the door stops fouling the floor. However, you need to keep checking that the door still closes as the locking mechanism may start to foul.

Hope this helps

Stamford Properties 28th Jul, 2011

Depends on style of hinge if it's a laird type not really but if it's the type where you have bigger part of hinge on door itself then put either 4mm or 5mm alen key in bottom of the hinge the bit that's on the door and turn it till you see it lift you may need to adjust keeps on lock side if you move it to high but you should get about 6pm lift of hinges also you most do this to the 3 hinges

SGOLDEN 27th Jul, 2011

Most pvc doors you can adjust, there is a cover cap on the hinge that can be removed, this will reveal a screw. using a alum key turn the screw to lift or lower the door. Hope you find this helpful.
Kind regards

T.R.M.Building 27th Jul, 2011

if you have flag hinges there is an Allen key underneath that you can turn to raise the slab.

Midas Installations Ltd 28th Jul, 2011
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