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I Have pulled off my old tiles an the old plaster all came away from the wall, came i tile straight on2 the cement wall or do i have to re plaster???

Yphill123_94 27th Feb, 2012 Tiling
4 Answers u16

Yes you can tile straight onto the cement wall, the rough surface will actually act as a better key for the tile adhesive than a smooth skimmed wall.
You might just want to check that the existing isnt loose or damp ect...
Hope this is of some help.

s.m.wynne plumbing and heating services 28th Feb, 2012

S M Wynne has given you the most sensible answer, and is the correct method.
If you take the advice of RJS and Substructure, ie pva the walls prior to tiling, you will have nothing but trouble.

PVA Reactivates to water/moisture.


I would advise you to remove any loose plaster.Then to pva the surface and rather then skimming the whole wall with new plaster.Apply bonding to the damaged arears troweling flat.
Bonding is a backing coat for plaster,then pva this surface and tile straight on top.
Hope this helps.

RJS Painting and Decorating 28th Feb, 2012

rjs is right ,bond the walls flat ,this will save a fortune in tile adhesive ,and give a better finish to tiles

substructure 28th Feb, 2012
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