A guide to MyBuilder Quote Tool for tradespeople

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Quoting, especially if you want to do it well, can be a time consuming process. If you don’t have a system in place, you can quickly find yourself re-writing the same information on different quotes over and over - time that could be better on the tools or relaxing after a busy day.

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Take the pain out of quoting

To help with this, a team of developers, led by former tradespeople, created the MyBuilder Quote Tool, a free app that takes away the hassle of writing quotes. With our system there’s barely any typing involved, just simple and smart templates that fit any job.

Typically, tradespeople jot down paper notes while on site, then laboriously write them up as a quote on a computer when they’d rather be in bed or watching TV. But with Quote Tool on your phone or tablet, you can take notes and build your quote on site, add dimensions as you’re measuring up, and have a detailed quote sent to your customer before you’re even back in your van.

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Since it’s always with you, you’re less likely to forget what you want to include in your quote. Our tradespeople have structured all the likely details you will want to use for any job, in any trade - so it can even prompt you to include things you might otherwise forget. If you’ve read our article on how to write a good quote, you’ll know that good quotes are thorough, and don’t omit any important details.

And then there’s dealing with the admin of keeping records of past jobs. Quote tool also allows you to store all of your clients, contact details, quotes and invoices all in one place.

Using the tool is completely free, whether you need one quote or a thousand. And even though it’s developed by the team at MyBuilder, and integrated into the MyBuilder account (which saves yet another pain of having to link your current system to the platform), you can use it for any job, whether you found it on MyBuilder or not.

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How does Quote Tool work?

It’s easy to create a professional quote using the Quote Tool:

  • Log in to your MyBuilder account and head to the Quote Tool section.
  • There, you can easily create a new quote and add the customer details.
  • Next, simply add different task templates and fill the different specs to the level of detail you want.
  • Once all the tasks are added, you can price your quote, whether it’s a single payment, or a series of installments. The VAT is automatically calculated and included in the price, you only need to specify the rate.
  • Personalise your quote by adding your company’s logo, and send it to your customer in a couple of clicks.

And that’s it. We’ve seen the impact Quote Tool can have for tradespeople - it’s easy to get to grips with, and people are using it every day to produce high quality quotes in minutes. Tradespeople have told us it’s useful and intuitive - and much better than the old-fashioned way of doing things.

Give it a go today and let us know what you think.

If you’ve got any questions about Quote Tool, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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