Do I need a TrustMark membership for my trade business?

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Membership of the TrustMark scheme and other professional trade bodies can improve confidence in your business among your customers. But is membership worth the money?

TrustMark is a Government-endorsed scheme that aims to provide customers with a database of tradespeople that have been quality-assured.

It’s meant to make finding a good tradesperson easier and safer.

Any business, of any size, can register to join the scheme. The scheme is open to sole traders, limited companies and partnerships.

If your business passes the application process, and your work is considered good enough, you’ll become a TrustMark registered business.


What benefits do I get as a TrustMark registered business?

Being a TrustMark registered business comes with some significant benefits.

  • Business promotion - You can advertise the TrustMark to customers as a badge of quality. It should give them added peace of mind that you’ll provide a good service and deliver high-quality work.
  • TrustMark Trader Search - Customers can use the TrustMark website to search for a local tradesperson. As a member, your business will be listed on the site, which could bring in significant additional work.
  • Access to Government schemes - The Government prioritises TrustMark traders in its voucher schemes, such as the Green Homes Grant. Only TrustMark tradespeople can complete the work, and with a relatively small number of businesses on the scheme, it could prove profitable.

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How do I register for the TrustMark scheme?

As a business, you need to register with TrustMark. You’ll then go through an application process, where you, your business and the quality of work before deciding whether you can join or not.

When you apply to join, you’ll have to select a Scheme Provider that will support your application.

There are scheme providers for all sorts of work, from fitting boilers to solar panels. If you offer a range of services, you may need to apply to several schemes and be vetted by several scheme providers.

Scheme providers cover the range of professional trade bodies, including:

  • CIGA
  • Dulux Select Decorators
  • Federation of Master Builders
  • NFRC
If the Scheme Provider approves your application, you’ll get a TrustMark.

I’m already a member of a trade association. Do I still need to pay?

If you’re already a member of a trade association, such as the Federation of Master Builders, you can add TrustMark registration to your membership for a small fee.

Expect to pay around £100 per year if you want to become TrustMark registered.

Do I need a TrustMark?

You don’t need a TrustMark to work as a tradesperson, but it can certainly help.

Don’t get the TrustMark scheme confused with the essential qualifications, certifications and registrations you need to do you work, such as being registered on the Competent Person Scheme (CPS), or the Gas Safe Register.

Think of the TrustMark as an additional string to your bow, that might help set you apart from the competition.

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What other trusted-trader schemes are out there?

Whatever your trade, you’ll find a trade association out there covering what you do.

Depending on what you do, becoming a member of a trade association such as the Federation of Master Builders, NICEIC or Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC), can help your business grow.

Each trade association has its membership requirements, so you should check out their website.

Only you can decide whether joining TrustMark or a trade association is worth it.

For some it can be an investment that sends out the right messages to your customers that you’re a trustworthy trader that consistently delivers high-quality work, but many will choose to let their reputation speak for itself.

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