Promoting a trade business online

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More and more customers are looking online to get hold of reliable tradespeople, so it’s essential you put yourself where people can find you…

Get the basics right

As with any form of advertising, consistency is key. You want people to be able to recognise you and your business, which means coming up with some key things that stay the same no matter where you’re promoting yourself.

  • Your business name
  • The trade you do
  • Your contacts details - especially your phone number
  • The individual services you offer
  • Any selling points that set you apart - for example, are you available for emergency calls? Do you have lots of relevant experience?

Wherever you end up advertising or promoting your business, make sure you have these key features front and centre. Customers can be bombarded with different options online, so being clear and direct is crucial.


Set up a website

Having a website means you have a digital shop front that’s open 24 hour a day, showing off what you can do. It’s a place where you clearly list your services, tell people how to get in touch, and display good reviews and testimonials.

Setting one up is straightforward and affordable, and once it’s up and running, you can share the link wherever you like so people can see what you’re all about.

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Make use of Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool that helps you manage your presence on Google sites. It will let you add your business to Google maps, get reviews from customers and highlight your contact details.

Use social media

Some of the most popular websites in the world are social media sites, some of which you’re probably already using - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

It’s a good idea to set up profiles on each of these sites. Try to use your business name and trade as the name of the account, and make it clear where you’re based. Add your friends and family, and start following other relevant local businesses to expand your network.

You can post about what you’re working on, share reviews, or just chat about life on the tools.

It’s a good idea not to mix up your business and personal accounts - there’s nothing wrong with showing some personality in your business’ social media posts, but you don’t want to distract from the key message of what you do.

If you have a business account on a site like Facebook or Twitter, you’ll be offered the chance to advertise. As with Google AdWords, you might want to set a budget and experiment with this to see if it yields any results.


Join community groups

Lots of people on Facebook belong to local community groups where people share news and information about their neighbourhoods, while others use sites like NextDoor to keep up to date with local goings on. Its common for people to use these sites to try and find reliable tradespeople.

While they often don’t take kindly to naked self-promotion, you may be able to recommend yourself when relevant, and if you have friends and family these groups, they can link to your company profile or website - a modern take on word of mouth recommendations.

Job finding services

If you use a service like MyBuilder, your profile page will be easily found on Google and will come up if people are searching for you and your business. It gives you a chance to share your experience and skills, photos of your work, and, if you’ve been using the site to win work, show off the reviews from all your happy customers. It’s free to join MyBuilder and start receiving leads for work near you.

Growing your business