Managing your MyBuilder leads for longterm success

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Thousands of jobs are posted on MyBuilder every day, meaning there’s plenty of work for tradespeople to choose from, but the aim is to find the right work for you...

Sifting through hundreds of unsuitable jobs, losing track of contact details and quotes, and getting appointments mixed up doesn’t help anyone, so we make it as easy as possible to manage your leads, so you can succeed.

MyBuilder is designed to be a quick and easy way to find more work and arrange upcoming jobs - just follow these simple tips.


Setting your trades

A key to getting the right leads for you is to tell us which trades you do, and where you do them.

Setting up your trades is easy - you’ll have passed an evaluation for each one you’re receiving leads for, but even if you have multiple trades, you can arrange the order of them to prioritise the jobs you are most interested in hearing about.

If you want to add trades, you can do that any time through your profile, by completing the trade evaluation.

Reorder your trades or apply for more.

Adjusting your working area

Setting your working area is also essential.

If you’re using a computer or tablet you can use pins on the map to arrange the exact area you’re interested in, cutting out places you don’t want to travel to aren’t able to cover.

On mobile, you can set the radius you want to cover based on your location. If you know somewhere is inaccessible, there’s no point having leads from that area clog up your inbox, so make sure your area makes sense for you.

Remember, each lead you get comes with a map - click on to it expand and check the rough location.

It’s worth noting that the distance jobs are from you is taken as the crow flies from your postcode to the homeowner’s, so route and traffic may make a difference to how useful they are for you.

Adjust your working area.


How often do you want them?

There are two ways to receive leads on MyBuilder - as individual notifications, each time a relevant lead for you is added, or in a daily digest email, giving you all your relevant leads each day.

For tradespeople who carry out lots of smaller jobs, having a constant source of new leads can help them pick up quick work for that day or the next - while tradespeople who work on bigger projects might prefer to take more time looking over potential work before bidding for it.

Feel free to experiment with which approach works for you.

Edit your lead notiifcation settings.

Response time

Jobs posters always appreciate a quick response where possible, and it’s common, especially with smaller jobs, that the first few tradespeople to reply will be the ones more likely to be shortlisted.

However, even if you are a little later, a strong opening message can show you’re the right person for the job and catch a homeowner’s eye - see our full guide to writing a winning profile.


Job description

We encourage job posters to be as clear as possible about the scope of the work, to make it clear what needs to be done and when. 

Our job posting system ensures all the key information will be there for you to see.

If the job is more speculative - such as planning a loft conversion while buying a new home - then that should be clear in the description, so you know whether or not it is a lead you want to pursue.

Leads identified as speculative are also priced accordingly, making them a fair investment if you still want to express interest.

You can also look at a job poster’s history to see what work they’ve previously had done.


Interest levels

You can see how many other tradespeople have expressed interest and how many have been shortlisted by checking the bottom of each job.

If a job already has plenty of interest and shortlists you might want to focus on other leads, but as before, a good message and profile can be very persuasive - homeowners are looking for the right tradesperson, not just the first one.


Use flags

You can help organise your shortlisted leads and messages with flags to keep tabs on which are active and which are finished.

Communication is crucial both for successful projects and for using MyBuilder effectively, so keeping in contact with homeowners is key. 

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