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How to create the perfect MyBuilder profile

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One of the benefits of using MyBuilder is having a dedicated profile page that any interested homeowner can check out. Having a page like this online is a perfect calling card for any tradesperson, where you can show off your experience, share photos of your past jobs, and highlight all the feedback customers are leaving for your great work...

At MyBuilder, we know homeowners regularly look through trade profiles to decide who they want to speak to about their jobs.

While your opening message is the place to make a great first impression, your profile is the place where you can reassure homeowners that you have the skills and experience to handle their project.

Your profile is the place where you can really set yourself apart from other local tradespeople, so don’t miss the chance to help yourself stand out.

What you should say

There are a few key things you should try and get across with your profile. The most important ones are what experience you have, the kind of services you provide, and what qualifications you might have that backs this all up.

Your opening is one of the most crucial parts - your chance to really engage with the job poster and convince them you’re the right call. You want to sound friendly, approachable, and professional - the kind of person people are happy to invite round to their house and deal with their problems.

Highlighting your experience right up front is key - there’s no point in being shy about your talents. It’s worth remembering that your opening lines are also what will show up on MyBuilder’s “Find a Tradesman” directory pages, another way that homeowners look for the people they want to hire.


What do you do?

If you work in a specialist trade, don’t be afraid to drill down into the kind of jobs you’re best at or most used to handling, especially if those are the kinds of job you want to win.

Homeowners want to know they’re finding the right person - and if your particular skill matches up with what they’re looking for, you’re onto a winner.

Try not to get too technical if you can - plain English always work best - and show off your skills.

Qualifications and accreditations

While they can look impressive when all lined up, a list of letters can tend to go over the average customer’s head.

When it comes to qualifications, we find it can be best to break down what they mean so homeowners get the full picture.

It’s the same with accreditations - you might be familiar with CERTASS or FENSA, but most people who need their windows fixed probably don’t.

If you don’t have much in the way of formal qualifications, that doesn’t have to hold you back. There are lots of things you can say which will get your knowledge and experience across. You can talk about your “time served”, and if you work on larger projects, describe some of the big, stand-out jobs you’ve tackled.

If you take on smaller stuff, talk about your day to day and how diverse your skills are.


Other tips

Just as you’re professional with your calls and quotes, writing your profile is a time to be the face of your business. It sounds obvious, but double check for things like spelling mistakes - sometimes it can be little things that put customers off, but in a competitive area, every edge helps.

Keep things short and snappy where you can - bullet points and lists can help. It doesn’t have to be your full autobiography - but like the back of the book, you want to draw people in.

If you’re not sure what will work best for your profile, our trade success team are dedicated to helping tradespeople get the most out of MyBuilder. Get in touch and they can help you put your best foot forward today.

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