Green Homes Grant: how you can benefit

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If you’re in the right trade, you could benefit from hundreds of thousands of jobs expected over the next six months.

Autumn 2020 sees the launch of the Green Homes Grant scheme, part of a £2bn government plan to help homes across England boost their energy efficiency.

Around 600,000 homes are expected to take advantage of the scheme, meaning a huge amount of potential work if you deal with insulation, windows and doors, or low carbon heating.

With expected shortages of tradespeople ready to take on the work, there’s a huge opportunity to get involved.

How does the grant work?

The GHG will see the government cover two-thirds of the cost of certain jobs, up to a value of £5,000, or even £10,000 for some homeowners who receive certain benefits.

Based on your quote for the work, the homeowner will end up paying you a third then providing a voucher for the rest, which you’ll redeem with the government.


What jobs are covered?

The main trade that stands to benefit are insulation installers.

The scheme is broken down into two key areas where homeowners can claim, called primary and secondary measures.

Primary measures are insulation and low carbon heating.

Insulation covers everything from cavity and solid wall to floor, loft, roof and flat roof and even park homes.

Low carbon heating covers jobs such as installing air and ground source heat pumps, solar thermal heating and biomass pellet boilers.

What about double glazing?

If homeowners carry out a “primary measure” and receive a voucher for it, they will then be able to claim a secondary grant which can cover jobs such as replacing single glazing with double glazing, fitting energy efficient doors and draught-proofing.

The value of this second voucher can’t be more than the value of the first.


How do I get involved?

To be eligible you have to be accredited in your trade and registered with TrustMark.

Jobs that homeowners post on MyBuilder and want to be carried out as part of the scheme will be marked in the job description - you can simply express interest as normal.

How does it work once I’m signed up?

When you’re signed up, you’ll have to register your company and bank details with the voucher scheme.

Homeowners will then hire you to carry out the work and submit a claim under the scheme with your details on. If eligible, they’ll be issued with a voucher and work can begin.

When the work is complete, the homeowner will pay their share, and the government will compensate you for the remaining amount covered by the voucher.

Is the scheme running across the UK?

No, the scheme is only running in England. It is currently scheduled to run until the end of March 2021.

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