How MyBuilder works for tradesmen

We send you leads when jobs are posted in your area. Express interest in a lead to let the customer know you want the job. When the customer shortlists you, we’ll send you their phone number and charge you a shortlist fee. Follow up promptly for the best results. Positive customer feedback for a job well done will help you win more work.

How much does MyBuilder cost?

Shortlist fees range from £2.20 to £38.50. There are no other fees. Shortlist fees are invoiced each Monday. We strongly recommend that all tradesmen commit a reasonable budget to spend on shortlist fees when they first start. Results are best measured over time, not after each shortlist.

How do you price leads?

We price job leads manually according to how much we think the work will be worth to you. We call many customers to get the key information you need. Leads are often declined if the job poster's intentions are unclear.

How many tradesmen get shortlisted for each job?

Customers shortlist on average between 1 and 2 tradesmen. Up to 5 tradesmen can be shortlisted but that cap is rarely reached and we encourage customers to shortlist responsibly.

When can I expect to see results?

Winning your first few jobs on MyBuilder can take time and effort. Most tradesmen win their first job after being shortlisted between 4 and 8 times. A complete profile could help you win your first job faster. As you build up feedback, you become more trusted by customers and it gets easier to win jobs.

It's important that new tradesmen commit a reasonable budget for shortlist fees and allow enough time to judge whether or not MyBuilder is a good fit for their business.

Do job posters know that tradesmen pay shortlist fees?

We ask customers to be considerate of your time and to shortlist responsibly. Telling customers how tradesmen are charged would lead to fewer jobs posted by genuine customers.

Do you credit or refund fees?

We don't credit or refund shortlist fees for any reason. This helps us keep our overheads down which means you pay less in the long run. We know that doing it any other way would cost you roughly the same but with a load of additional hassle thrown in.

What am I paying for?

A shortlist is an indication that the customer is interested in you. It is not a guarantee to quote or even speak with the customer (although we do verify all telephone numbers and ask customers to shortlist responsibly).

Our service is designed to earn you income over time, not necessarily after each shortlist. It can be a bit nerve wracking at first when you pay fees and don’t see immediate results. We know because that’s how MyBuilder first started out. Persist and you will win work.

If you have any other questions about how MyBuilder works, see our frequently asked questions or contact our customer success team.