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Can MyBuilder find roofers near me in St Helens?

The MyBuilder network of talented, reliable tradespeople extends up and down the country. Wherever you’re based, from St Helens to St Ives, our platform is a great place to start your search for a local roofer. You just need to:

  • Post your job for free, explaining the roofing services you require.
  • Relax and sit back as your post is shared with hundreds of tradespeople in and around St Helens.
  • Reach out directly to roofers who register their interest in helping and seem like a good fit.

Three simple steps will put you well on your way to completing a successful roofing project, from loose tile repair to a complete flat roof replacement following water damage. And the best news of all? Over 90% of jobs posted to MyBuilder generate interest!

How do I find the best roofers in St Helens?

Once the MyBuilder system has connected you with a few great roofers in your area, you’ll need to narrow things down. In terms of your particular needs, you’ll discover the roofer in St Helens best placed to meet them by asking questions, researching and talking with each company and contractor you consider hiring.

For inspiration on the topics you’ll need to cover between making initial contact and signing a contract, take a look at our customers’ guide for hiring roofers.

How much will I pay for roofing services in St Helens?

As with all jobs essential to our homes functioning correctly, a high-quality service is a must when it comes to roofing. That quality comes at a particular cost, and it’s vital that you effectively prepare for this to avoid the need to cut corners and reduce the likelihood of nasty financial surprises.

Our detailed roofing pricing guide outlines some of the costs attached to a wide range of roofing jobs, giving you a strong starting point from which to go forward and get a detailed quote from every roofer you chat with.

Top Roofer Reviews


Roofers working near St Helens in Merseyside have an average review score of 99% positive based on 4,901 homeowner reviews.