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Can MyBuilder find roofers near me in Stockport?

MyBuilder’s matchmaking platform is built to connect you with qualified local tradespeople who are ready to help. Whatever your roofing project entails, save time and head straight to our site to find a reliable roofer with relevant experience.

All you need to do is post your job for free, and we’ll send it on to hundreds of tradespeople in the Stockport area. Available roofing companies and contractors will then register their interest in the job, and you’ll get to choose which option suits you best (looking at previous customer reviews and work history before making contact).

How do I hire roofing contractors in Stockport?

Though MyBuilder is ideal for helping to connect you with contractors who are available to repair, replace or install several different types of roofing, the work doesn’t end when you find a seemingly suitable option through our matchmaking system.

As our thorough hiring guide explains, you must tick certain boxes and avoid certain pitfalls before you agree to a contract and commit to a roofer. This guide is a great place to start if you have questions about the hiring process, covering must-dos like the following (and more):

  • Avoid making full payment before the work is completed
  • Ensure you get a detailed quote from every roofer you consider hiring
  • Search for a roofer with specific experience in your roof type, as specialisms can differ

How much do the best roofers in Stockport cost?

Preparing well for the cost of a roofer will prevent unexpected stress and ensure your home gets the quality finish it deserves. As our pricing guide explains, the cost of roofing services can change significantly from job to job, depending on scale and complexity. For example, a new roof is usually around £6,000, while materials for flat roof repairs are only £50 per square metre.

Roofers usually cost for an entire project, inclusive of labour and materials, but some will offer an hourly rate or a day rate. In the industrial town of Stockport, you can expect a daily rate of between £150 and £250.

Top Roofer Reviews


Roofers working near Stockport in Cheshire have an average review score of 99% positive based on 9,493 homeowner reviews.